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ABB’s Manual Change-over Switch Ensures Constant Power

ABB Low Voltage News

ABB Limited has expanded its range of OT switches with the OT change-over switch. Enabling quick change-over to back-up electrical supplies in the event of a power failure, the switch is ideal for applications demanding a constant supply of power including Gen Set, banks, and utility operations.

Based on the OT switch range, the OT change-over switch is available in both component and enclosed versions from 160A up to 800A, and fully-rated up to 690v. In the event of a primary electrical circuit failure, the switch can be disconnected from the primary circuit and connected to the emergency back-up system, ensuring minimal disruption to power supply in the event of a power surge.

Manually operated, the OT change-over switch range features an advanced compact design which is up to 35% smaller than its OETL predecessor, enabling the unit to be installed into confined spaces. The OT change-over switch also increases flexibility as it can be fitted in any position, including up side down, if required with no de-rating enclosed or open air.

The two-way switch is enclosed in one unit, saving time on installation; where conventional units with single switches would have to be installed separately.

As with the standard OT and OS range, the OT change-over switch has been manufactured in accordance with the highest manufacturing standards. It is fully thermal-rated for both enclosures and in open areas without the need to adapt the unit. It has been built according to KEMA, UL and IEC 60947-3AC-23 and IEC 60947-3AC-33 specifications. The handle is IP65 protected, providing protection from live parts, and also prevents dust and water entering the switch mechanism.

The change-over switch range has a mechanically based design, with metal parts and double brake switching as standard. These features help to prolong operational life, compared to units from other manufacturers that typically use plastic and ceramic parts. It also increases safety by providing double isolation from live parts.

The change-over switch also has a patented operator independent quick-make / quick-break mechanism, providing better responsiveness and reliability when in use.

OT switches are supported by a common range of accessories including handles, shafts, auxiliary contact blocks, bridging bars, terminal shrouds, locking accessories and terminal clamp sets.