Danfoss VLT AutomationDrive Options

Below is a range of options available for the VLT AutomationDrive.  If you require specialist advice on the information, Call or email Ray Hargreaves – CSE’s Danfoss Consultant on 023 8025 5757.

Danfoss MCA 101MCA 101 Profibus

By operating the FC 300 frequency converter via a field bus you can reduce the capital cost of your system, communicate faster and more efficiently, and enjoy a simpler interface

  • PROFIBUS DP V1 gives you wide compatibility, a high level of availability, supported by all major PLC vendors.  Compatible with future versions
  • Fast and efficient communication, transparent installation, advanced diagnosis and paremeterisation and auto configuration of process data via GSD-file
  • A-cyclic parameterisation using PROFIBUS DP V1, PROFIdrive or Danfoss FC profile state machines, PROFIBUS DP V1, Master Class 1 and 2

Danfoss MCA 104MCA 104 DeviceNet

DeviceNet offers robust, efficient data handling because it is based on Producer / Consumer technology

  • This modern communications model offers key capabilities that allow the user to effectively determine what information is needed and when
  • Users also benefit from ODVA’s strong conformance testing policies, that ensure products are interoperable

Danfoss MCB 101MCB 101 General Purpose I/O Option

I/O option offers an extended number of control inputs and outputs

  • 3 digital inputs 0 – 24 V : Logic ‘0’ < 5 V; Logic ‘1’ > 10V
  • 2 analogue inputs 0 – 10 V : Resolution 10 bit plus sign
  • 2 digital outputs NPN / PNP push pull
  • 1 analogue output 0 / 4 – 20 mA
  • Spring loaded connection
  • Separate parameter settings

Danfoss MCB 102MCB 102 Encoder Option

A universal option for connection of encode feedback from either a motor or a process.  Feedback for asynhronous or brushless servo (Permanent magnet) motors.

  • Encode module supports Incremental encoders and SinCos encoders as Hyperface
  • Power supply for encoders
  • RS422 interface
  • Plug and play principle
  • Fit to all FC300 AutomationDrives
  • Connection to all standard 5V incremental encoders
  • Spring loaded connection

Danfoss MCB 103MCB 103 Resolver Option

Supports resolver feedback from brushless servo motors and feedback for flux vector controlled asynchronous motors in rough environments

  • Primary voltage : 4-8 Vrms
  • Primary Frequency : 2.5kHz – 15kHz
  • Primary current max : 50 mA rms
  • Secondary input voltage : 4 Vrms
  • Resolution : 10 bit @ 4 Vrms input amplitude
  • Spring loaded connection
  • Separate parameter settings

Danfoss MCB 105

MCB 105 Relay Options

Gives the possibility to extend the relay functions with 3 extra relay outputs.  The relay option fits into slot B in FC 301 or FC 302 AutomationDrive.

Max Terminal Load:

  • AC-1 Resistive load 240V AC – 2A
  • AC-15 Inductive load @ cos Ф 0.4 – 0.2 A
  • DC-1 Resistive load 240V AC – 1 A
  • DC-13 Inductive Load @ cos Ф  0.4 – 0.1 A

Min. Terminal Load

  • DC 5 V – 10 mA
  • Max switch rate at rated load / min. load – 6 min-1 / 20 sec-1
  • Plug and play principle and fits in to slot B
  • Protected control cable connection
  • Spring loaded connection of control wires
  • Selection of relay functions in normal parameter settings

Danfoss MCB 108MCB 108 Safe PLC Interface

The FC 302 provides a safety input based on a single pole 24 V DC input.

For the majority of applications this input enables the user to implement afety in a cost effective way.  For applications that work with mroe advanced products like Safety PLC, Lightcurtains etc, the new Safe PLC interface engables the connection of a two wire safety link.

The Safe PLC interface allows the Safe PLC to interrupt on the plus or the minus link without interfering the sensor signal of the Safe PLC.

Danfoss MCO 305MCO 305 Progammable Motion Controller

An integrated programmable Motion Controller for FC 301 and FC 302; it adds functionality and flexibility to the already very comprehensive standard functionality of these drives.  MCO 305 is optimised for all types of positioning and synchronising applications.  Basic Features include:

  • Synchronisation (electronic shaft), Positioning and electronic Cam control
  • 2 inputs supporting both incremental and absolute encoders
  • 2 imputs supporting both incremental and absolute encoders
  • 1 encoder output (virtual master function)
  • 10 digital inputs 8 digital outputs
  • Sending and receiving data via Filedbus interface (requires Fieldbus option)
  • PC software tools for programming and commissioning

Danfoss MCB 107MCB 107 24VDC Supply Option

This option is used for connection to an external DC supply to keep the control section and any option installed active by mains power down.  Slot D.

  • Input voltage range – 24 V DC +/- 15% (max. 37 V in 10 sec)
  • Max. input current – 2.2A
  • Max. cable length – 75 m
  • Input capitance load – < 10 uF
  • Power-up delay – < 0.6 s
  • Simple to install in drives on existing machines
  • Keep the control board and options active by power cut
  • Keep fieldbuses active by power cuts
  • Available pre-installed in FC300 AutomationDrive from factory

Danfoss LCP 102

LCP 102 Graphical Local Control Panel

  • Multi language display
  • FC 300 status messages
  • Quick menu for simple commissioning
  • Parameter setting and explanation of parameter function
  • Adjusting of parameters
  • Full parameter backup and copy function
  • Alarm logging
  • Info bottom : explains the function of the selected item on display
  • Hand operated start-stop or selection of Automatic mode
  • Reset function
  • Displaying trend graph

Danfoss LCP 101LCP 101 Numerical Local Control Panel

The numeric control panel offers an excellent MMI interface to FC 300 Automation.  The LCPs supports both drive types FC 301 and FC 302.

  • FC 300  status messages
  • Quick menu for easy commissioning
  • Parameter
  • Parameter setting and adjusting
  • Hand operated start-stop function or selection of Automatic mode
  • Reset function

LCP Panel Mounting KitLCP Panel Mounting Kit

  • IP65 Enclosure Front
  • 3 m cable for connection of LCP and FC300
  • Gasket for sealing
  • Finger screws for easy fitting
  • Supports LCP101 and LCP102

Danfoss Profibus AdaptorDanfoss Decoupling PlateProfibus adaptor Sub D9 Connector

The adaptor makes linking of field bus connections pluggable.

Decoupling plate for fieldbus cables

Makes fieldbus mounting robus

Danfoss IP21 Type 12 NEMA1 KitIP21 / Type 12 (NEMA1)  kit

The IP21 / Type 12 (NEMA1) kit is used for installation of FC 300 drives in dry environments.  The enclosure kits are available for frame sizes A2 and A3.

  • Supports FC 300 Automation drives power sizes 0.25  to 7.5kW
  • Used on standard FC 300 AutomationDrives without and with mounted option modules
  • IP41 on top side
  • PG 16 and PG21 holes for glands

Danfoss Removable FanRemovable Fan

The fan can easily be removed and remounted for easy cleaning

Power options available

  • Brake resistors
  • LC filters
  • dU / dt filter
  • Harmonic filters (AHF)

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