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017-513666 - Danfoss Thermostat Type RT107 (max reset)

017-513666 - Danfoss Thermostat Type RT107 (max reset)

Price: 158.96 Exc. VAT
(190.75 Inc. VAT at 20%)
Lead Time : 3-5 Days

SKN: 017-5136

MPN : 017-513666
EAN : 5702423119622
The Danfoss RT controls are used in general industrial and marine sectors.

The RT temperature switch consists of a variety of ordinary room temperature switches and remote sensor temperature switches including neutral zone temperature switches. RT temperature switches are generally recommended for applications where safety or economical consequences are critical factors. RT controls have been in service for more than 60 years.

Weight0.818 Kg
Ambient temperature [C]-50 - 70 C
Ambient temperature [F]-58 - 158 F
Ambient temperature [C]-50 - 70 C
Ambient temperature range [F]-58 - 158 F
Capillary tube length 78 3/4 in
Capillary tube length 2.000 mm
Charge typePartial
Contact functionSPDT
Contact ratingAC1=10 A, 400 V
Contact ratingAC15=3 A, 400 V
Contact ratingAC3=4 A, 400 V
Contact ratingDC13=12 W, 220 V
Contact ratingLR=28 A, 400 V
Diff. @ Max. range setting[C]1.8 C
Diff. @ Min. range setting[C]6 C
Differential typefixed
Electrical connection size2xPg 13.5
Electrical specification standardEN 60947-4/-5
Enclosure ratingIP54
Glow lampNo
Max. sensor temperature [C]215 C
Max. sensor temperature [F]419,0 F
Product descriptionTemperature Control
Product groupSwitches and thermostats
Product nameThermostat
Reset functionMax
Sensor size x L) 3/8 x 4 1/4 in
Sensor size ( x L) 9.5 X 110 mm
Sensor typeRemote Sensor
Temperature Range [C]70 - 150 C
Temperature range [F]158 - 302 F