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CSE Distributors

ABB JB5-50 50 Pole Jumper Bar 5mm Pitch Orange

ABB JB5-50 50 Pole Jumper Bar 5mm Pitch Orange

Price: 8.43 Exc. VAT
(10.12 Inc. VAT at 20%)
Pack Quantity : 1
Lead Time : 1-2 Days

SKN: JB5-50

Colour : Orange
MPN : JB5-50
EAN : 3472599097605
Alt Code : 1SNK905350R0000
Pack Quantity : 1
Facilitate & secure your jumper bar assembly process: - Screwless mounting, - Pre-cut poles for various configurations, - Insulated, - Positive locking.
Mounting Type:
- In explosive atmospheres, the use of jumper bars with cut extremities and cut poles is not authorized, - in industrial use: additional accessories must be installed on the cut side of the jumper bar with cut extremities: - circuit separator CS when mounted

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