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ABB ACH580-01-293A-4 HVAC Drive 160kW 293A IP55 R8

ABB ACH580-01-293A-4 HVAC Drive 160kW 293A IP55 R8

Price: 7,694.50 Exc. VAT
(9,233.40 Inc. VAT at 20%)
Lead Time : 3-5 days

SKN: ACH580-01-293A-4B056

Amps : 293
Length : 630
MPN : ACH580-01-293A-4+B056
EAN : 6438177306399
Alt Code : 3AUA0000083608
IP Rating : IP55
ABB ACH580-01-293A-4+B056 Pn 132kW I2n 293A, Protection class IP55, EMC class C2

The ABB ACH580 Drives are the successor to the popular ACH550 drive and has seen a number of improvements. Features of the drive range includes:

  • Regardless of external condtisions the ACH580 controls the air flow efficiently and safely
  • Works with each type of available motor - induction, PM or SynRM for variable flow applications
  • Controls the water flow and water loops regulating temperature
  • Simple to install and use
  • Guaranteed efficiency levels
  • Works with any motor or application
  • I/O capabilities
  • Seamless integration with the new HVAC control panel
  • Permanent magnet motors for smooth operation
  • Powerful communications - loop controllers, bluetooth keypad, native BACnet/IP option

If you are not sure which drive fits your particular requirements, please contact our drives specialist Pat Davey.