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ABB DPMP-EXT Door Mounting Kit

ABB DPMP-EXT Door Mounting Kit

Price: 38.40 Exc. VAT
(46.08 Inc. VAT at 20%)
Lead Time : 1-2 days


EAN : 6438177340997
ABB Door mounting kit for the ACH580 panel (for one drive, contains both DPMP-02 and CDPI-01). Comes with a 3m cable.

The CDPI-01 communication adaptor module can be used to connect a remove ACS-AP-x control panel to the drive or to chaint the control panel or a PC to several drives on a panel bus. The panel bus can have a maximum of 32 nodes. The control panel / PC is the master, while the drives equipped with the communication adaptermodule are followers.

  • LED's mirrored from teh drive control unit
  • Connector X100 to the drive control unit
  • Termination Switch (S100)
  • Bias Switch (S101)
  • Connector X101 for connecting a control panel or a PC
  • Connector X202 for chaining a panel bus
  • Cable hole locations. used when the cabling connected to the module is routed outside the drive
  • Clip for attaching the module to the drive