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CSE Distributors

Red Pre-Insulated Bootlace Ferrule 95mm2

Red Pre-Insulated Bootlace Ferrule 95mm2

Price: 0.34 Exc. VAT
(0.41 Inc. VAT at 20%)
Pack Quantity : 1
Lead Time : 1-2 Days


Cable Area : 95mm2
Colour : Red
Pack Quantity : 1
Pre-Insulated Ferrule 95mm2 Red Price Each

  • Also known as Bootlace Ferrules and Cord End Ferrules
  • Partex cord end ferrules provide a neat end termination to tri-rated cable and multi-stranded wires.
  • Available in both the French and German colour coding systems.
  • Also commonly known as bootlace ferrules or cord end terminals.
  • Manufactured from tin coated high conductivity copper with Polyamide 66 insulating sleeves.