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Greenlee EK 50 ML Electromechanical Micro Crimping Tool

Greenlee EK 50 ML Electromechanical Micro Crimping Tool

Price: 402.46 Exc. VAT
(482.95 Inc. VAT at 20%)
Lead Time : 1-2 Days


EAN : 4012078828673
The Klauke micro provides excellent crimping results for minimal effor and suits sizes 0.14 to 50mm². If features:

- One-button operating concept for controlling all tooling functions
- Electronic control with lock function monitors complete closing of the dies
- Automatic retraction when operation is complete
- Manual retraction in case of need
- Motor stall protection in case of faulty operation
- Ergonomic 2-component housing in Klauke 'In-line design'
- Mounting lugs for use with balancer or as fall protection when used outdoors
- Very low weight and high speed for maximum efficiency
- Powerful drive technology for effortless operations
- High-performance 10.8 V Li-Ion battery - with charge status display
- LED for workplace illumination
- Multifunction LED for maintenance display and data transfer via USB adapter
- Project-relevant recording with Klauke i-press software package
- Number of crimps - approx. 300 at 10 mm² Cu DIN 46234 / per battery charge
- Battery voltage - 10.8V
- Battery capacity - 1.5 Ah, Li-Ion
- Charging time - approx 40min