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CSE Distributors

H07RN-F Rubber Cable - 4 Core 6mm²

H07RN-F Rubber Cable - 4 Core 6mm

Per metre

Price: 2.87 Exc. VAT
(3.44 Inc. VAT at 20%)
Lead Time : 3-5 Days


MPN : H07RN-F-4C-6
The H07RN-F cable 4 Core 6mm2 diameter is priced per meter and is designed primarily as a trailing cable for use in the supply of energy for portable or mobile equipment. Heavy duty Harmonized cables are not only robust but also extremely flexible. PCP neoprene is also oil and flame retardant. Typical applications of the H07RN-F cable include transformers, pumps, welders, grinders, temporary lighting cable and feed cables to heavy mobile equipment.

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