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CSE Distributors

SNK Feed Through Terminal Blocks

The SNK range of feed through terminal blocks have a number features and benefits:

  • Simple to mount on the panel din rail thanks to their profile making them easy to handle and reverse mounting error free
  • Patented marking areas make the surfaces easy to mark and simple to read from any angle
  • The two terminal block's central channels - aligned from 4mm2 to 16mm2 4 offer maximum flexibility for the user:
    • Common and polarity distribution with JB screwless jumper bars
    • Power distribution with JB85-3 cross spacing jumpers
    • Continuity control with TP4 or TP2 test adapters
    • Advanced testing (simulation, dielectric control etc) prior customer acceptance with TC test connectors
    • Overvoltage protection and temperature ontrol wtih PG5-R2 components holder
  • Reduction of accessories with end section and circuit separator that fits all feed through terminal blocks