CSE Soca Cable

Tuesday 9th July 2013

CSE Soca cable has been developed by CSE Cables as a high quality, yet cost effective alternative to the existing industry entertainment cable leading brands.  Working with our customers, we have invested in the development of the Socacable with our suppliers to have a cable manufactured to our precise specifications which our customers have requested over the years.

Following on from this investment and development, we believe our Socacable is now the optimum cable available and has been given the seal of approval in the entertainment industry by some of the leading Entertainment logistics suppliers. Many of our clients have stated that the cable is of a high quality, market leading flexibility and at an extremely competitive price.

Leading light of the industry is Louise Cameron who now uses the Socacable as her cable of choice and who also currently sources the H07RN-F Cables for all her manufactured in house cable assemblies she supplies. Our entertainment cables have over the last few years been used in the production of films as far afield as New Zealand and widely used in the lighting industry at concerts, TV productions and festivals. The combination of the high quality cable and Connectors has been a success for both companies in both the entertainment and industrial markets.

CSE have been working very hard over the years to develop a cable that is a best of breed within the Entertainment Industry. Over this time CSE have invested considerable time and money to work with our customers to have a cable manufactured that meets their precise requirements. The CSE Socacable is the result of this lengthy process and we are delighted with the reception this cable is now receiving in the market place.

Shop our selection of Soca Cable below:

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