First ABB ACS355 Solar Drive Shipping in UK

Monday 29th December 2014

ABB ACS355 Solar Drive RangeWe were recently the first distributor in the UK to take delivery on behalf of a customer of several ABB ACS355 machinery drives for solar pumps.  These solar power specific drives have solar power specific and pump control functions:

  • Built-in maximum power point tracking
  • Dry run detection
  • Sensorless flow calculation

Our customer who works across the Americas, is a specialist supplier of water pumping equipment for farms for irrigation of crops and selected the ABB drive to control the DC electricity generated by the solar panels and send energy to the submersible pumps. The submersible pumps in the water well / borehole extracts water and holds the sensor which prevents the dry running.

Remarkably, half of the energy produced globally is used to operate various types of pumps. Compared with a traditional diesel generator, the ABB solar pump drive enables environmentally friendly, clean solar energy to be harvested efficiently and over the long haul with its high build quality and low maintenance costs. It is independent from the grid and produces no pollution or noise. In addition to irrigation as used by our customer, they can also be used to provide community water supply, fish farming and agriculture applications.

Pat Davey is the ABB Drives specialist at CSE Bourne End branch and worked closely with the customer and ABB to source and export the exact drives that were required for the application. After working with all the parties, Pat and CSE took delivery of 3 ACS355-03E-31A0-2 which is a 3 phase 240V drive and prepared them for the export customer, ensuring their safe arrival ready for water pump installation.

Pat commented on the whole project saying “we were thrilled to be asked to be involved with this job, especially as no one else had previously supplied the ACS355 machinery drive for solar pumps in the UK. It involved some to’ing and fro’ing with the client and ABB to ensure we selected the correct drive but everything went very smoothly and the client has now installed the drives on site” If you want more information on this drive or any other ABB drive (either UK or as an export enquiry) please do not hesitate to contact Pat.

How The ABB ACS355 Machinery Drive for Solar Pumps Works

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