Belden 3076F Orange Multicore Industrial Data Cable 1x 2x 18AWG 3076F 0031000


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Belden 3076F Orange Multicore Industrial Cable 1x 2x 18AWG Foil Screen PVC Fieldbus TC conductor  PO insulation 

Manufacturer Part Number: 3076F 0031000

CSE Distributors is proud to offer the exceptional Belden 3076F Cable in orange, your number one choice when it comes to your data transmission cables. Belden, being the first name in data cable manufacture has created a Foil Screen PVC Fieldbus cable for a range of applications in harsh environments. 

The main focus:

  • Whether you are in telecommunications, broadcasting or industrial automation, Belden is a manufacturer who sets an industry standard in terms of signal quality making it a first choice brand for critical communications and data transmission.
  • Thanks to the Belden 3076F construction using only the most robust materials , the cable is able to withstand harsh environments and is designed to resist wear and tear, offering consistent performance over time.  
  • Due to the cables high bandwidth capability, high definition video and data transfer is possible. Even able to support the most high demanding applications. 
  • With advanced shielding technology, the Belden 3076F is able to reduce the electromagnetic interference giving you applications a nice stable interference-free transmission signal. 
  • Compliant with a range of international standards, including but not limited to IEC 60332-1-2 and UL 1685, so you know the cable is tried and tested and up to the task.

Whether you're establishing a network, setting up a professional audio system, or any other data transmission application, the Belden 3076F Cable is the premium solution you can trust. Invest in excellence and experience reliable, high-quality signal transmission with Belden 3076F. 

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