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Copper Tube Lugs

Variously known as Copper Tube Terminals, Copper Tube Lugs, Lug Terminals or Cable Connectors – these are commodity items used in electrical and electronic systems to establish SAFE & RELIABLE connections between cables, and other electrical components. CT lugs play a vital role in ensuring the safety & longevity of electrical systems.

Lug Connectors:

A lug connector is a component used to connect a cable to the terminal of an electrical device or another conductor. Lugs are typically made of copper or aluminium because of their conductive efficiency.

Lugs may be crimped or soldered onto the ends of cables or wires to create a secure, low-resistance electrical connection.
Lug Connectors are commonly used in power distribution, industrial equipment, automotive applications, and various other electrical systems.

Copper Tube Lugs:

Copper tube lugs are a specific type of lug connector where the lug is manufactured in a tubular shape to enable the easy insertion of wires or cables.

Almost always silver—plated, copper lugs are essential where a strong and reliable connection is required. The silver coating construction provides good conductivity and corrosion resistance.

Copper tube lugs are commonly used in power distribution systems, electrical panels and machinery.

Lug Terminals:

Lug terminals refer to the end points or connection points on devices or equipment where lugs can be attached. These STUD terminals are designed to accept lug connectors and facilitate the secure connection of conductors! Lug terminals are the commonest means of connection to electrical components, such as circuit breakers, switches, transformers, and power distribution panels.

The design of lug terminals may vary depending on the specific application and the type of lug connector being used.

When selecting lug connectors or copper tube lugs for fixing to lug terminals, attention is given to the current-carrying capacity, voltage ratings, material compatibility, and environmental conditions to ensure a safe and reliable electrical connection.

The sizes we stock here at CSE Distributors range from 6mm² all the way up to 240mm² and we can also offer angled lugs should you require.

Additionally, relevant standards and proper installation practices must be respected to ensure safe and long-lasting electrical systems.

So feel free to browse from a selection of our offering below or if you need a copper tube lug in a certain style then please do email and one of the team will endeavour to help.

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