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Temporary Electrical Installation H07RN-F Cable

Wednesday 11th March 2015

H07RN-F In StockTemporary Electrical Installations for Structures, Amusement Devices and Booths at Fairgrounds, Amusement Parks and Circuses.

CSE Cables supplies cable to a number of outside Host Broadcast Companies and Key Facility Suppliers throughout the UK and Europe. According to the IET Wiring Regulations all cables used in temporary electrical installations should be fire rated and meet the requirements of BS EN 60332-1-2, Cables should have a minimum rated voltage of 450/750V, except that, within amusement devices, cables having a minimum rated voltage of 300/500V may be used. Where subjected to movement, wiring systems shall be of flexible construction. Where Flexible conduit systems are provided they shall comply with BS EN 61386-23.

CSE Cables stocks and can supply H07RN-F which is an extremely flexible rubber cable and is deemed to satisfy the minimum rated voltage of 450/750V and the Arctic Grade cable which has a minimum voltage rating of 300/500V rated. CSE Cables also stock a wide range of outdoor plugs, sockets and couplers to suit the HO7RN-F and Arctic Grade cables and which comply with IEC 60309.

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