CSE Brexit Statement

CSE do ship overseas. Please contact our sales team if you are located outside mainland UK and have an enquiry.

The current position of the UK Government is that the UK will leave the EU Customs Union on the 31st December 2020. We still do not know if this will be with or without a formal trade deal. The continuing state of confusion between the parties involved means that there will be the potential for disruption in the supply of goods from the EU countries, CSE have taken certain steps to minimise the effects for our customers. A summary of our actions are as follows:

Stock Levels

At CSE, we have taken provisions to minimise disruption to supply by raising minimum stock levels for standard products used by regular customers. This action is within our control but there are still many unknowns for which we cannot realistically plan! Back in March 2019 our key suppliers raised their UK stock levels accordingly in anticipation of the planned exit from the EU (31st Oct 2019) which was subsequently postponed. Our recent information leads us to believe that similar contingencies have been put in place by suppliers for a December 31st exit.

Deliveries from EU Suppliers and possible delays at the UK Border –

For deliveries from European Factories & Distribution Centres, CSE will expect our transit/delivery partners to manage the import documentation as is the case for imported goods from Non-EU countries! We anticipate deliveries to our UK customers to be unchanged.

However, it is difficult to quantify possible delays that may occur for imports from the EU to the UK once the UK has left the EU Customs Union. To reduce the uncertainty and risk of delayed shipments, CSE advise all customers to increase their own stock holdings and to pre-order products which will be needed in the period leading up to and beyond 31st December 2020 as soon as possible.

For the re-routing of products to avoid customs hold-ups etc. CSE will work with their suppliers to resolve any problems as they occur and expedite deliveries.


In March 2019, the UK government published a temporary tariff regime for imports once the UK has exited the EU. Most of the products we import to the UK are currently subject to zero tariffs under this regime. However, tariffs may apply in the future and we will advise of this as soon as practicable if the situation changes.

UKCA/CE Marking of Product

When the UK exits the EU in Jan 2021 the UK government has stated that the new UKCA mark will become an immediate requirement. However – CE marking will continue to be applicable for products supplied to the UK market for a period of 12months. If/when Brexit happens CSE would be buying from manufacturers aligned with the UKCA marking system.

Packing Materials

From 1st Jan 2021 all wooden packaging, pallets and cable drums supplied by CSE will be ISPM 15 heat treated certified.
Note: This does not apply to plywood reels as there is no standard because they cannot be heated or stored outside.

If you have any queries or comments on the plans outlined in this letter, please contact Head Office on 01628 529448 for more information.

John Le Grys – Managing Director

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