Striped Tri-Rated Cables for Export

Friday 8th August 2014

Tri Rated Cable in Stock Tri Rated cable is used by panel builders across the world as it is a highly flexible, high temperature power cable suitable for wiring within enclosures. As such, it is a core part of our product range and we stock and supply from 0.5mm² up to 300 mm² and a complete range of cores and colour sheaths. Striped Cable

Recently, we were contacted by a large panel builder in the Emirates with regards an order for some tri-rated cable. However, what was particularly interesting about this project is that they wanted the Approved tri rated cable to specific global standards and also bespoke sheathes a standard black tri rated cable with a white stripe and another with a blue stripe.

Marc Lawrence, who is our export sales specialist, dealt with the client and their requests using a standard tri rated cable (our tri rated cable manufacturer already had the standards specified) and Marc worked with a finishing house to produce the required stripe effect finish. Marc Lawrence said “what appeared at first glance to be quite a demanding specification was actually relatively straightforward for us. I already have a customer in the UK that required a dark blue tri rated cable with a white stripe, so I knew a supplier who provided a high quality finish that would be suitable for the job”.

The cable was shipped out to the client post finishing within budget and to specification and with all the relevant export documentation using couriers arranged by Marc who added “we were delighted to help one of the largest panel builders in the Emirates and they have been returning for more and more.  It has also helped us to supply a large low voltage OEM electrical manufacturer”. For the links for more information on our tri rated cable and to buy on-line.

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