Finder Modular Contactor Range 22 Series

Wednesday 15th December 2010

Finder Modular Contactor RangeModular contactor range provides reliable switching for quiet environments. Finder has announced a complete family of 25A contactors, purpose designed for switching lighting, pump and motor loads in noise sensitive installations.

Incorporating an AC/DC silent coil with varistor protection, the 22 Series modular 2- and 4-pole contactors help meet the need for quieter operation, particularly in home, hotel and hospital environments. Provided in compact 17.5mm and 35mm wide housings, the 22 Series contactors include a standard 35mm rail mounting for simple consumer unit installation and both mechanical and LED status indicators for enhanced system diagnostics.

The contactors minimum 3mm double break NO contact gap and protective separation between coil and contacts ensures installation safety standards are met. Offering both 2- and 4-pole contactors, a choice of contact materials and multiple contact configurations, the versatile 22 Series provides users with 47 different options from which to select the optimum switching solution. For extra flexibility, an add-on auxiliary contact block and an auto-on-off selector switch variant are also included in the series.

The contact material options are AgNi and AgSnO2, the first intended for resistive and slightly inductive loads as well as motor loads, the latter for lamp loads and high inrush current loads. The contact configurations for the 2-pole products are 2NO, 1NO+1NC and 2NC and for the 4-pole products, 4NO, 3NO+1NC and 2NO+2NC. The auxiliary contact block is provided in 1NO+1NC and 2NO versions. The Finder 22 Series 25A modular contactors are designed and tested in accordance with EN 61095: 2009, electromechanical contactors for household and similar purposes.

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