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H07RN-F Cable and Leads

Wednesday 4th February 2015

H07RN-F Cable with made up plugs and sockets One of our most popular stocked cables is the H07RN-F Cables which we supply to the many events and production businesses located near to us in Bucks, Berks and London. Pinewood studios is also located near to us and is a world leader in film and television production. With its local bank of expertise and history they are always in high demand. They are currently running at capacity with its studios filming the latest James Bond, Star Wars and The Huntsman films.

To accommodate all of these productions at once, they have had to build a new temporary studio / set on site. As part of the new set requirements, temporary power needed to be installed and a local specialist electrician was contacted to provide this and in turn, asked us to provide them with the necessary cables and accessories. The timescales were fairly challenging for the electrician to implement the necessary power requirements and we were therefore asked to supply the H07RN-F cables already made up with the plugs and sockets to save time and also the lengths of cable to be pre-cut to their specific requirements. By completion of the project, we had supplied:

  • 5 x 50 metre lengths of HO7RN-F 5C x 4mm cable.
  • Two lots of made up leads consisting of HO7RN-F 5C x 16 40 metre length and a plug and a socket.
  • The plugs and sockets were PCE IP67 to water tight 63 amp 5 pin Red plugs and sockets

Chris Defranco from the sales team worked with the customer and commented “This was a new customer enquiry and I was delighted that we were able to help out with the cables all being in stock and the capability to make up the leads with the accessories also from stock so we were able to ensure he could implement the temporary power Pinewood needed so urgently. We are now talking with the client about their requirements for cable and accessories for the summer and the festivals that they help provide power to.”

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