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Danfoss Driving UK Agriculture

Tuesday 19th September 2023

The first thing that may spring to mind when you hear Danfoss drives is industrial and factory automation, however Danfoss drives can be used in many other industry sectors, from marine to agriculture. This month we helped a local food producer, based in Hampshire, to upgrade their drives to ensure efficiency across the whole of their food production plant.

The plant has had Danfoss FC102 HVAC Inverters installed for almost 13 years to regulate the temperature of the plant and control crop-feeding pumps. While these drives are reliable, we recommend replacing them every 10 years for energy efficiency and cost savings.

On this occasion, as it was a big project, we sent our Danfoss Drives Specialist, Barry, to collaborate with the customer and offer technical expertise where necessary.

As with any big drives project, one of the most important queries our customer had was the transference of the pre-set data from their old drives to the new ones. Barry advised that this was easy to do with Danfoss drives as they could use a laptop via a USB com port, using the MCT10 software and all parameters can be copied to the LCP and then transferred to multiple frequency converters. This made the setup easy, simple and quick and helped get the plant back up to speed again after install.

Additionally, Barry suggested the use of coated boards and IP66 inverters for drives located outside, as they would be exposed to a wet environment. Furthermore, to ensure the drives were well-protected, Barry offered inbuilt isolators as an extra layer of protection.

Along with these recommendations, we were also able to offer a critical spares list to keep on site in case of any potential breakdowns in the future, making it more cost effective for our customer.

The customer was happy to proceed with the project because of CSE's 20 years of experience with drives, and the helpful recommendations provided. They were also reassured knowing that a local distributor who is a partner for Danfoss drives will provide the necessary support.

To get the best advice on your Danfoss Drives Project, call Barry at CSE Southampton on 02380 255 757 or email in to

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