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ABB Softstarters Updated Info

Tuesday 23rd July 2013

ABB PSE Efficient SoftstartersWe’ve updated our ABB Softstarter section on our web site with new information on the ABB PSR and the ABB PSE. Pat Davey who is a drives specialist including all accessories such as Softstarters said “ABB updated their range to be even more comprehensive. The PSR range is now from PSR3 to PSR105 (up from PSR45) with respective ratings from 3.9A to 105A.” To further enhance the range, ABB has brought out the PSE Softstarter range.  ABB themselves have released a press release on the products as further below. If you require any information, Pat Davey is available on 01628 551813 or [email protected].


ABB PSE Softstarter Press Release:

ABB is proud to release the new efficient PSE Softstarter

The new PSE Softstarter is truly the world’s first compact softstarter with torque control and LCD display. It is ideal for any application where space is limited, but where advanced functionality is still required. The PSE softstarter is the latest addition to the ABB softstarter family making it possible to find a suitable softstarter for almost any imaginable application and segment. The PSE combines the most important functions with an efficient and compact design. It is suitable for all common applications such as pumps, fans, compressors, conveyor belts, and many more.


One of the most important features of any electrical device is that it is easy to set-up and easy to use. The PSE softstarter is equipped with a language neutral backlit display and an easy-to-use four button keypad. In addition, the built-in by-pass provided in this compact unit reduces the number of connections, making it easy to mount and ultimately decreasing both time and cost of installation.


The PSE softstarter is designed to ensure exceptional reliability, even in tough and harsh environments. One part in achieving this is that all circuit boards have a protective coating ensuring a reliable operation in tough environments like in waste water plants, where corrosive gases and acids may exist. In addition, efforts have been put into making the whole process reliable, with features such as torque control to eliminate water hammering, and thereby greatly reducing mechanical stress on pump systems.


Knowing what the customers want, it has been possible to design a softstarter that really fulfills their needs, without adding unwanted complexity. This gives excellent value for money and together with the built-in by-pass for energy saving makes the PSE softstarter a very efficient choice.

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