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CSE Helps Supply Specialised Drum Reeling Cable For UK Production Facility

Friday 30th August 2019

In conjunction with a leading national UK electrical wholesaler, and our European cables supply partner – CSE sourced and supplied 360m of (N)TSCGEWOEU KSM+LWL 3.3/6kv Medium Voltage Reeling Cable with Integrated Fibre Optics.

This highly specialised drum reeling cable for mining operations was for a UK based production facility. The special design with fibre optics allows for trouble free transmission at high data rates. The cable also exhibits extremely low interference levels as a result of using a symmetrical three core design.

Typical installations of the cable include areas which have high travel speeds, dynamic tensile loads, multiple changes of direction into different planes, churning on running over rollers and torsional stresses. Mainly for mobile equipment, e.g. fast ­moving container cranes, cranes, large mobile equipment and excavators.

Call CSE today on 01628 529448 to see how we could help you with your specialist cable requirements.

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