Flexidrum R 501 Cable to South Korea

Monday 10th November 2014

Flexidrum R501 Cable to KoreaFlexidrum R501 Cable to Korea – ready for inspection and preparation for despatch

An interesting project we recently worked on, was to supply a new customer in South Korea with the specialist rugged mining cable Flexidrum ® R501. The customer specialises in the rental of drilling and tunnelling equipment and surface rock excavations which requires cables that can withstand a harsher environment and will not break / snap easily in the conditions. The customer selected CSE Cables as their chosen supplier for the following reasons :

  • We have a proven track record supplying mining companies
  • Understanding of their specific cable requirements and sourcing a suitable cable
  • Expert at organising complicated export cable shipments around the world

Flexidrum R501 CableAfter discussing with the customer their requirements and liaising with cable manufacturers, we finalised a Flexidrum specification and the customer placed an order for two different variants of the cable :

  • 280 Metres of Flexidrum 3 x 120 + 3g 25mm
  • 200 Metres of Flexidrum 3 x 185 + 3g 35mm

The reason the Flexidrum cable was suitable was because of the following specifications:

  • 600 / 1000V (Max 1200V) power cable
  • PUR Compound outer sheath and special PVC compound inner sheath which combines to provide very good oil, chemical and weather resistance
  • Flame retardant to IEC 60332-1
  • High quality European cable with VDE and CE approvals

We had previously exported cable to South Korea so were aware of the transit routes and the documentation requirements. Marc Lawrence our Sales Manager handled the project and said “from start to finish, this project took around 3 months to complete with various project stages including finalising the cable specification, manufacture of the cable, shipment to us, preparing the cable for export and finally transit time to port in Korea”. As Marc and the team have handled many large projects for export, the delivery went smoothly and the customer was delighted to take delivery of their cable. If you have a standard or bespoke cable requirement anywhere in the UK or around the world, contact us and using our in-house knowledge and experience, we’ll do our utmost to ensure the project goes as smoothly as possible. Click for a more complete Flexidrum R 501 specification.

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