Mean Well Power Supplies

MEAN WELL power supplies are known the world over and the Company has been manufacturing DC Power Supplies for over four decades. Production started in 1982 and has grown steadily to the point where Mean Well is the 3rd largest PSU manufacturer in the world. The range of Mean Well Din Rail Mounted PSUs available covers DC outputs from 10 watt to 960 watts with Outputs of 5 Volts, 12 Volts, 15 Volts, 24 Volts, and 48 Volts DC (Single and 3-phase inputs).

What is a DC Power Supply? 

DC power supplies are defined as an electronic device that creates a stable Direct Current (DC) output from an Alternating Current (AC) input power source. Depending on their sophistication, the output can be made smooth to mitigate fluctuations in the voltage supplied to precision devices such as electronic equipment, where a slight change in voltage can cause malfunction! The DC output from a PSU may be called “un-stabilised” or “stabilised” if smoothed. 

Stabilized DC power supplies can be further divided into two types depending on the output method… These are CONSTANT VOLTAGE PSUs and CONSTANT CURRENT PSUs. In constant-voltage power supplies, the output voltage is controlled so that it remains constant even if the power supply load changes. On the other hand, constant-current power supplies are controlled so that the output current remains constant.

CSE Distributors hold in stock the popular MDR range from 10 to 100 watts – Other ranges can be supplied on a short lead time!

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