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Cable doesn’t get tougher than this

Thursday 12th June 2014

ho7rn_f_webCSE Cables were recently asked to supply a tough rubber cable to the new Celebritiy Masterchef Studios. The cable requested needed to be very flexible and able to withstand high temperatures in the kitchens. CSE Cable’s HO7RN-F was perfect for the job.

The HO7RN-F is a very versatile cable and is suitable for many applications both indoors and outdoors. Its flexibility allows for the HO7RN-F cable to be installed in the tightest of corners whilst still retaining its robust characteristics. This hard wearing cable is made of an EPR insulation and a black neoprene sheath. The PCP neoprene sheath is oil and flame retardant allowing the cable to be used in the toughest of conditions.

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