British Export, Done Right with CSE


Why Choose CSE to Be Your UK Export Partner?

Here at CSE, we have been serving our international customers for over 30 years. Along with our UK distribution arm, our aim is to give the best service possible so our clients can rest assured that their sourcing and logistics needs are taken care off. 

Also, as we are based in the UK, we are uniquely positioned to source and supply from a range of trusted UK and overseas manufacturers. see below some of the manufacturers we partner and distribute for:

As well as a large manufacturer network, we also source and supply from a range of suppliers in the UK, Europe, US, China and more.

We also have a fully trained, highly skilled logistics team in house, so you know that when you buy from us, your goods are handled with care and leave us in factory condition. Read on to see how CSE can be your future UK export partner.

Sourcing Your Product

As soon as you send in your request, our export team will start sourcing, starting first with our own varied and extensive inventory.

Below is a list of products and ranges we currently hold in stock:

·         Low Voltage Switchgear

·         Motor Control Gear

·         HVAC Inverters and Drives

·         Terminals and Panel Wiring components

·         Enclosures

·         Tri-Rated Cable

·         Flexible Rubber Cables

·         Crane and Reeling Cables

If it is not something we hold in stock, then we go out to our supplier and manufacturer network and quote you from the source.

At CSE we are committed to finding and providing any products you may need, even if they are not considered standard for us. In the past, we have sourced a variety of items outside of our usual range, such as PPE, Atex Lighting as well as hazardous materials such as varnish and batteries. Along with sourcing these products we also ensure that any new supplier/manufacturer is certified to manufacture, handle the goods or able to obtain the necessary documents needed before the order is placed.  

So, whether the product comes from our warehouse, or we source it new for you, we always provide datasheets and MSDS where appropriate to ensure that you have the correct item for your intended use.

Shipping To Your Destination

Whether you wish to arrange collection of the goods yourself or want us to arrange it for you, we ensure that all products are packed with the greatest of care and in the correct way for the shipping method needed.

As such, we offer the following packing services to meet your shipment needs:

·         Palletizing and Crating

·         Hazardous Packaging

·         Oversized Items

·         Cable Reels