Danfoss AVTA Valve

The Danfoss AVTA is a self-acting, thermostatic valves for use in cooling applications. The valve is commonly used in connection with hydraulic stations, and is often named the "fit and forget" valve, due to its immense reliability, proven throughout decades.

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  • Self-acting cooling water valves for accurate flow control based on sensor temperature
  • Capillary sensor with adsorption charge, mass charge or universal charge
  • Open on rising temperature
  • Brass or stainless steel valve body
  • For extremely aggressive media, also available in titanium (please contact us)

Technical Data

Media temperature : -25 to + 130oC
Differential pressure : 0 to 10 bar
Max. working pressure : 16 bar
Max. test pressure : 25 bar
Max. pressure on sensor : 25 bar
Materials : Standard valve body : Brass

Stainless steel or DZR bodies on request

Opens on rising sensor temperature.  The valve is pressure relieved, i.e. the degree of opening is not effected by differential pressure Δp (pressure drop). The regulation range is defined for the point at which the valve begins to open. 

Special Characteristics:

  • Wide regulating range
  • Small sensor dimensions - ø9.5 x 160mm. The sensor can be installed in any position as far as orientation and temperature is concerned.
Connection Regulating range(oC) Max. sensor temperature kv Value (m3/h at Δp = 1bar) Capillary tube length Type Code No. Weight
G 1/2 +10 to +80oC +130oC 1.9 2.3 AVTA15 003N0107 1.53
G 3/4 +10 to +80oC +130oC 3.4 2.3 AVTA20 003N0108 1.42
G 1 +10 to +80oC +130oC 5.5 2.3 AVTA25 003N0109 1.57

AVTA with universal charge

The charge is liquid / gas where the liquid surface (regulating point) is always inside the sensor. Which charge medium is used depends on the temperature range.

Special Characteristics

  • Sensor Dimensions ø18 x 210mm. The sensor must be installed horizontally or with the free end pointing downwards. The sensor can be installed colder or warmer than the valve.
  • Max pressure on sensor 25 bar
Connection Regulating range(oC) Max. sensor temperature kv Value (m3/h at Δp = 1bar) Capillary tube length Type Code No. Weight
G 1/2 0 to +30oC +57oC 1.9 2 AVTA15 003N2132 1.68
G 3/4 0 to +30oC +57oC 3.4 2 AVTA20 003N3132 1.50
G 1/2 +25 to +65oC +90oC 1.9 2 AVTA15 003N2162 1.68
G 3/4 +25 to +65oC +90oC 3.4 2 AVTA20 003N3162 1.70
G1 +25 to +65oC +90oC 5.5 2 AVTA25 003N4162 1.83

AVTA Accessories

Sensor pocket for ø9.5mm - Brass G 1/2 - 017-4367

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