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Cables Cut to Length

Wednesday 15th October 2014

Cable cut to lengthAs a dedicated stockist of industrial cable we are able to purchase cable in bulk quantities at lower cost and sell it to our customers in the specific lengths they require at competitive prices.

To achieve this, we have invested in two cable cutting machines to supply the majority of our cable in the lengths required by customer onto the specified drums (where applicable). Marc Lawrence, CSE’s Sales Manager said “we hold stocks of some cables in lengths of up to 6km which is obviously far too large for the vast majority of our customers, so we use our cutting machines to cut to customer specified lengths, often of just a few metres”. The warehouse team are trained to handle the cables and ensure that the correct cable is loaded and cut and re-reeled to the highest quality.  Marc added “having two machines and several of our team who are experience cable cutters means that we can cut to length at relatively short notice”.

If you do want any cable cut, then please call the team, but don’t leave it quite to the last minute as it takes a little bit of time to load the cable onto the machine and set up the cutting procedure and prepare the cable ready for dispatch.

Touching on delivery of the cable, Marc said “we have a myriad of delivery options for clients including our in-house transport, next working day courier, global exporting shipments or warehouse collections which means we can normally supply the cable within the required customer timescales”. There are some cables we do not cut to length, typically the smaller sized cables such as tri rated cables.

Cable Cutting Machine

One of our cable cutting machines

Below is an example of Richard cutting some cable to length on one our cable cutting machines:

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