New EU LV Motors Energy Efficiency Requirements

Tuesday 3rd February 2015

ABB ie2 MotorsFrom January 1st 2015, the stage 2 requirements for EU MEPS (European Minimum Energy Performance Standard) allow IE2 motors to be used only when they are fed by a VSD (Variable Standard Drive). These motors must be marked so that the compulsory need to be used with a drive becomes evident.

ie2 Standards

From January 1, 2015 the stage 2 requirements of EU MEPS allow IE2 motors to be used only if they are fed by a VSD. Information about the obligation to use a VSD must be displayed on the rating plate or on an additional sticker/plate on the motor and in the motor’s technical documentation. Examples of the sticker layout that ABB, and all other motor manufacturers belonging to CEMEP (the European Committee of Manufactures of Electrical Machines and Power Electronics) will use.

On January 1, 2015 Europe takes the next step forwards when IE3 becomes compulsory for single speed three-phase induction motors in the range 7.5 to 375 kW that are connected direct on-line. IE2 motors can still be placed on the market but they need to be used with a VSD (variable speed drive). Pat Davey is CSE’s drives and motors product manager and is on hand to help any customers who need clarification of what can and cannot be installed as part of the EU MEPS. Click to download the ABB EU MEPS PDF guide.

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