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Prysmian Spreaderflex Cable to Mexico

Wednesday 15th July 2015

Prysmian Spreaderflex ready for Mexico

Prysmian Spreaderflex ready for Mexico

Marc Lawrence our export sales manager has been working closely with a procurement company based out in Mexico, a new country to add to our list of cable destinations! The procurement company contacted CSE Cables as they had been let down by another supplier who couldn’t deliver to the originally proposed timescales, but fortunately Marc used his global contacts to find a Prysmian warehouse with some Prysmian spreaderflex cable in stock.

The Spreaderflex cable is used in applications which have high mechanical stress in gravity fed collector basket operation for loading and unloading port cargo and in mines. This particular cable was being used to replace an existing 150m of crane cable at a port. Once the cable had been imported into the warehouse, the client also added to the order with some Flexible control cables such as YY, CY, VFD and Flexidrum cables.

As always, Marc was diligent with preparing the cable export with the appropriate documentation. In this particular instance, Mexico is part of a group of countries that has exemption from import duty if the goods have originated from the EU. He commented “in addition to the standard labelling of the cables and export forms, we were also able to work with the Chamber of Commerce to use a EUR1 form to complete the export with minimum cost”.

In addition, Mexico is also a country that requires the use of treated / sterilised and certified cable drums to ensure no foreign elements are taken in transit to the country of destination. The cable shipment organised by Marc takes 19 days port to port and is currently in transit.

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