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ETE Transformers - Made in Britain

Monday 31st July 2023

ETE Transformers has been a leading UK manufacturer of single-voltage transformers, building strong relationships with distributors, such as us, to help our customers secure solutions for their projects. Thanks to their reliability and versatility, customers frequently spec in and request the ETE brand.
ETE Transformer

Recently, a local panel builder needed a significant quantity of ETE transformers for a project with an NHS trust – building rooftop panels for three hospitals within the trust to operate their HVAC systems. Having used ETE transformers before, the customer knew the efficiency would not be impacted by their compact size, so would allow for more room to manoeuvre in the panel space.

Initially, they planned to purchase three different transformer types for each hospital, but upon learning the project's specifics, Paul, our technical expert, recommended a single transformer that could meet all panel requirements. This not only ensured that the panels met the required specifications but also reduced time in sourcing for future maintenance needs.

The customer ended up ordering 350 SV150P4S6 transformers with a fused primary, and we arranged multiple drop dates of smaller quantities to accommodate their limited workshop space.

So, if you do have any requirements for Eastern Transformers & Equipment or need some technical advice for your project, then please call 01628 529 448 and we can endeavour to help. 

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