Striped Tri-Rated Cable

Wednesday 19th November 2014

Striped Tri Rated Cable


Visit our online shop to buy Striped Tri-Rated Cable Here.

Following on from another blog post about bespoke striped cable, we were recently contacted by an Engineering Design company based in the South West who had a similar requirement.  For their engineering wiring requirements, they needed various colours and sizes of tri-rated cable to be striped:

  • Black Tri-rated Cable with Yellow Stripe
  • White Tri-rated Cable with Yellow Stripe
  • Blue Tri-rated Cable with Yellow Stripe
  • Blue Tri-rated Cable with White Stripe
  • White Tri-rated Cable with Blue Stripe

In total, 32 reels of tri-rated cable were called off from stock and sent to the finishing company to have them striped to the above specifications. The finishing took 7 working days and once complete, were then shipped to the customer site. The customer was delighted with the speed and quality of the work and we are looking forward to further orders from them. Katy Sugden handled the enquiry and said “the customer was looking for a company that had previous experience of bespoking cable to their individual requirements and we were delighted to assist them.

We are able to finish many different types of cable in different sizes with stripes or other bespoke features. Finishing normally take 7-10 working days from the finishing house receiving the basic cable from us”. Tri Rated Cable is suitable for use within high temperature environments and is used for wiring of switch, control metering, relay and instrument panels of power switchgear and other similar applications. Below are photos of the finished tri-rated cable before being shipped to the customer and a red cable with white stripe also held in stock:

Visit our online shop to buy Striped Tri-Rated Cable Here.

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