Wide Slot

Thermoplastic ducts with vertical slots 8-12 (wide) or 4-6 mm (Narrow). Just as strong and easy to install, these ducts conform to VDE 0472, Part 815 which certifies their safety in the event of fire, limiting toxicity and opacity of smoke.
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Technical Characteristics

  • Standard 2 metre length
  • Colour - RAL 7035 Grey
  • Resistant to acids, oils and greases
  • Plastic, Insulating, shock-proof, self-extinguishing material in compliance with IL 94 V0 Standard and resistant to abnormal heat and fire up to 960o
  • C (glow wire test) in compliance with IEC 695-2-1 Standard
  • Minimum installation / use temperature -15°C
  • Maximum usage temperature +60°C
  • Designed to snap on to the Fix-O-rapid special accessory, suitable to be fastened to both DIN rail and base plate
  • The ribs are cut using a special pressing process (rounding of the edges) producing wiring ducts completely free of burr and rough edges
  • The dimensions and resilience of the ribs ensure repeated splaying during cabling
  • Controlled splaying of sides to ensure a perfect seal of the cover in the vertical sections and at high temperatures
  • Double trimming line, one at the base of the ribs so that they can be removed by bending them outwards and one at the base of the lateral sides so that the edge can be cut when two wiring ducts are branched
  • Cable holder mouldings half-way up the straight section of the ribs in 80 and 100mm high wiring ducts
  • Cover can be opened without having to use a special tool
  • Can be mounted on horizontal or vertical surfaces even when the cover is on the bottom
  • We now have narrow and wide ABB Slot Trunking available to buy on-line

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