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Rheyfirm RTS Cable Export

Friday 3rd July 2015

Rheyfirm RTS ready for shippingWe recently completed an order from Malaysia for some Nexans Rheyfirm(RTS) R-(N)TSCGEWTOEUS cable. The customer had an enquiry for a cable that would be able to provide a high level of power (8.7 / 15kV) and a high level of mechanical stress as it was being used for a ‘ship to shore’ application i.e. industrial cranes loading and unloading ship cargo to shore.

Marc Lawrence is our export sales specialist and he handled the enquiry. He said “this was an interesting project for one of our heavier industrial cables. The customer initially required 350m of the cable which I sourced and imported from Europe before preparing it in our warehouse for export”.

Preparing a customer’s cable for export is a time consuming process, but one the team is used to. Marc commented “we work closely with specialist shipping agents to ensure that the goods are exported on time and in a safe manner ensuring our quality products are as good as when they leave the original manufacturer. Perhaps the trickiest part of exporting is preparing the documentation – but again, working closely with the customer, the shipping agent and the Chamber of Commerce, we rarely run into any problems.”

The order took two weeks to arrive from the Nexans European factory and once we had spent a short amount of time preparing it, the cable was sent on its way for a transit time of 35 days quay to quay. With the goods on their way, we were delighted that the customer placed another order for an additional 430 metres of the same cable. If you have a requirements for any cable, for anywhere in the world, please do not hesitate to contact us. Nexans Rheyfirm RTS  

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