ABB ACH550 Drives for Cooling Tower Fans

Wednesday 9th March 2016

ABB Drives ACH550 55kw

ABB Drives ACH550 55kw

Pat Davey is our drives and motors specialist and has worked on many interesting customer projects over the years.  One particular project that Pat has worked closely with the client on that caught our eye was for the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy. The CCFE is at the forefront of physics and finding a clean energy solution for future generations and asked CSE and ABB to look into their own energy efficiency to see if improvements could be made.

Pat visited the site with ABB’s product engineers in early 2015 and looked at the existing starters that were in place for controlling the cooling tower fans. It was clear that the existing two speed starters could be replaced with much more modern ABB ACH550 drives that are variable speed and immediate savings to power bills could be effected.

The team provided detailed calculations to show that installing four new ABB ACH550 55kW drives would produce a significant cost saving to their power consumption and a pay back of around two years whilst also delivering more control of operating service to the cooling towers.

Pat Davey said “I’ve worked with many interesting clients and projects over the years, but this was particularly fascinating.  I was delighted to have a look round the facility and work closely with the client to enable them to replace their existing two speed starters which they’d had installed for over  20 years. The new ABB ACH550 drives are much more efficient and variable speed meaning their initial capital investment will be paid back within two years and even running 24 hours a day, they should keep going for up to 20 years if regularly maintained.”

Click for more information on the ABB ACH550 drive, or if you have a drives or motors project, please contact Pat directly.

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