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NEW STOCK of Profibus Cables

Wednesday 5th November 2014

Profibus Violet Reel of CableCSE Cables now stocks and supplies a range of Profibus DP and Profibus PA cables. Profibus is the fastest Fieldbus standard to date with transmission data rates of up to 12Mbits/sec. It is an open standard based on RS485 and EN50170. Profibus can support up to 126 stations/devices, depending on total system current. The two types CSE Cables stock are :

  1. Profibus DP, (DP stands for Decentralized Periphery) for Factory automation, used to operate sensors and actuators via a centralised controller in factory automation applications. Cables under this application would be the Belden 3079A, single pair 22AWG Solid Bare Copper conductor HDPE Insulation, with a foil shield and a tinned copper wire braid shield, and a Violet PVC Jacket. 300v 75 °C.
  2. Profibus PA (PA stands for Process Automation) this cable is used to monitor measuring equipment via a process control system in process automation applications. Cables under this application would be the Belden 3076F, single pair 18AWG stranded tinned copper conductors, Polyolefin Insulation, with a foil Shield and a Intrinsically Safe Blue PVC Jacket. 300v 105 °C.

As well as the Belden cables, CSE Cables can also supply alternative types an example of which is the profibus-DP-violet as seen in these photos which was supplied to a customer who specialises in the oil industry, providing suitably rugged communications infrastructure for oil rigs and associated infrastructure. Custom versions of the cables are also available upon request such as :

  • Profibus Violet Cable Close UpArmoured
  • LSZH
  • Duct Grade
  • Special colours

Please call our sales team on 01628 850024 with your enquiries.

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