Tri-Rated Cable for Speaker Loom Wiring

Wednesday 3rd December 2014

4mm Tri Rated Cable In addition to the standard industrial cables, our clients are constantly asking us to supply different types of cable for different applications.

Recently we were asked to supply a flexible cable which would not kink, or coil up when laid flat and was UL approved. The cable had to be suitable for installation in speaker cabinets and be available in a number of colours such as Yellow, Orange, Purple, Green and red.

CSE Cable’s Tri-Rated cable ticked all the boxes. Not only did the flexibility of the cable allow for the wiring of the looms to be easy and therefore efficient, the O.D of the cables were consistent with requirements. The project was a success due to the fact that CSE Cables hold stock of all 13 colours, allowing the cable to be supplied within a few days meaning the cabinets were manufactured and shipped out to the customers’ clients on time.

CSE Cables also supply an extremely super flexible version of the Tri-Rated cable referred to as our CTRI-Rated. This cable is mainly used in panels where larger cables require to be much more flexible in those tight corners.

Corrina Butler who worked with the client and said “after visiting the client and having a look at the speaker cabinets that were being produced, we were quickly able to establish their precise requirements and recommend the Tri Rated Cable for their loom wiring”.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more tri rated cable information, or buy on-line.

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