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Defence Standard Cable

Defence Standard cable also known as Def Stan cable is ideal for high-density electrical wiring applications. The Def Stan cables were originally developed for the military and defence sectors due to their robustness, compactness and high operating voltage range. They can also be used for a variety of other applications including security, aviation, data processing, telemetry, process control, military vessels, instrumentation, aircraft and control equipment.

Our Defence Standard cables are available in tinned copper braid screened and unscreened options, with varying core counts in either 0.22mm2 or 0.5mm2 core size.

The cable has a 440V voltage rating and a temperature rating of +70 Celsius. It is available in 2 core up to 12 core options.

The LSZH sheathing (where stated) provides additional durability. Additionally, our products come with braid screening & unscreened options.

View our selection of Def Stan Cables at great prices below.

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