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Danfoss Industrial Controls

CSE holds a large stock of Danfoss valves, thermostats and pressure transmitters

Danfoss Solenoid Valves and Thermostats

All Danfoss valves now have a designation which details its construction and operation. Various numbers and letters define whether the valve is direct or servo operated valve, 2/2 way or 3/2 way and its body material etc. In addition to the main designation is a subsequent specification, this details more of the valve particulars such as end connection size and seal material etc.

When ordering a valve it is important to quote the code number, however, it is also recommended to quote the valves type designation and specification to avoid any confusion. We have also placed the old designation in brackets at the top of the product page for those familiar with the old name.

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Common Solenoid Valve Terminology

2/2 Way : Simplest form of valve with one inlet and one outlet
3/2 Way : Valve with one inlet and 2 outlets which the flow can be directed between
Normally closed or NC : Valve which is closed when the coil is not energised
Normally Open or NO : Valve which is open
Kv Value : The maximum flow capacity of a valve, measured with water at 1 bar pressure
WRc : Water Research Council - valves with this approval are suited for water which may be used for human consumption. The WRc approval is known as WRAS from 1st July 1999.
Orifice : The smallest opening within a valve that allows the main flow of media to pass through
Differential pressure: The difference in pressure between the inlet and the outlet ports
Coil : The unit which electrically controls the opening or closing of a solenoid valve
NBR : Otherwise know as Nitrile - a general purpose seal, good for air, oil or water
EPDM : Otherwise known as Etheylene polypropylene - a seal which is good for water, glycol or low pressure steam
FKM : Otherwise known as Viton® - a general purpose seal good for more aggressive media

Viton® is a registered trademark of DuPont Performance Elastomers

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