Protolon (SMK) - LWL (N)TSKCGEWOEU 3x25 + 2x25/2 + 1x(6G625) 8.7/15 kV Flexible Reeling Cable

Code: PRYSMIAN-20004664

Protolon (SMK) - LWL (N)TSKCGEWOEU 3x25 + 2x25/2 + 1x(6G625) 8.7/15 kV Flexible Reeling Cable

per Metre
£72.78 ex VAT

450 Available

Looking for Flexible medium voltage reeling cable? Introducing the PROTOLON(SMK)-LWL Flexible Reeling Cable

The PROTOLON(SMK)-LWL is not your average cable. It's a powerhouse of innovation, designed to handle the harshest industrial environments while providing seamless data transmission. Here's why it stands out:

Unmatched Durability:

Built to withstand the most demanding applications – think high travel speeds, dynamic tensile loads, and constant flexing.
Integrated Fiber Optics:
Enjoy the combined power of energy and data transmission in a single cable. Streamline operations and improve efficiency.
Extreme Flexibility:
Effortlessly navigate tight spaces and complex movements without compromising performance.
Built to Last:
The robust construction featuring a unique sheath system and anti-torsion braid ensures exceptional resistance to abrasion, tears, and torsional stresses.
Peace of Mind:
Manufactured according to DIN VDE 0250-813 standards and boasting GOST-R certifications, you're guaranteed a product that meets the highest safety and quality requirements.

Here's a deeper look under the hood:

Fiber Coding:
Easy identification of individual fibers with a specially developed color code.
Hollow Core Fibers:
Filled with a protective compound for optimal performance.
Three Core Design:
Ensures efficient power delivery with a central cradle separator and strategically positioned earth conductor.
Advanced Sheath System:
The PROTOFIRM Sandwich provides exceptional flexibility and robustness through a multi-layer design, including an anti-torsion braid for added strength.

Ideal Applications:

Fast-moving container cranes
Large mobile equipment
Industrial machinery requiring high-power and data transmission

Don't settle for ordinary cables. Upgrade to the PROTOLON(SMK)-LWL and experience the future of industrial connectivity!

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