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Wiska have been a world renowned cable accessories and installation manufacturer for a number of years, producing a wide range of products for a variety of industries. From cable glands to conduit to resin joints., Wiska have been at the forefront of cable accessory innovation and as a Wiska Distributor in the UK we are ecstatic to offer their range for you to complete your projects.

As a top brand, Wiska have developed products not only for general use but with certain industries in mind, such as rail marine and hazardous areas. Not only making sure the product is designed for the application needed but also making sure their products are compliant with the various international standards, so you know what you are getting supplied is reliable and safe.

As a Wiska UK Distributor, we have put together below our online offering of the Wiska along with a link to their catalogue. So, feel free to browse below but if you wish to enquire further about a product or need help with product selection for a certain application, then please do email the team at sales@cseuk.com   

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