ABB ACS550 External Options

DriveWindow Light Software

This PC software is used for rapid commissioning and controlling of drives.  It has features for programming, monitoring, trouble shooting and maintenance.  it is also a setup and control tool which is Win98, WinNT, Win2000 and WinXP compatible.

DriveWindow Light 2 operates both off and on-line.  No additional PC hardware is required.  It uses the PC’s RS-232 port.  It is compatible with drive types ACS140, ACS160, ACS400, ACS550, ACS600, ACS800 and DCS400. Features include:

  • Graphical start-up wizards
  • Off and on-line viewing and changing of drive parameters
  • Backup and restore parameters.  In a fault situation the parameters can be reloaded resulting in time savings.
  • Graphical monitoring of actual signal values
  • I/O mapping table
  • Control of the drive

Output Chokes

Output chokes are used when motor cables above normal length are required.  Cable can be roughly 1.5 times standard cable length, see below.  The maximum switching frequency with output chokes is 4 kHz.

Selection Table

Type Code Max. cable mm2 I A Max cable length with coke (m) Max cable length without coke (m) Output choke type code
ACS550-01-03A3-4 10 15 150 100 NOCH-0016-6X
ACS550-01-04A1-4 10 15 150 100 NOCH-0016-6X
ACS550-01-05A4-4 10 15 150 100 NOCH-0016-6X
ACS550-01-06A9-4 10 15 150 100 NOCH-0016-6X
ACS550-01-08A8-4 10 15 150 100 NOCH-0016-6X
ACS550-01-12A-4 10 15 150 100 NOCH-0016-6X
ACS550-01-015A-4 10 15 250 200 NOCH-0016-6X
ACS550-01-023A-4 10 15 250 200 NOCH-0030-6X
ACS550-01-031A-4 16 28 250 200 NOCH-0030-6X
ACS550-01-038A-4 16 28 250 200 NOCH-0030-6X
ACS550-01-044A-4 35 65 300 200 NOCH-0070-6X
ACS550-01-059A-4 35 65 300 200 NOCH-0070-6X
ACS550-01-072A-4 35 65 300 200 NOCH-0070-6X



Output choke
Type code
NOCH-0016-62/65 199 323 154 6
NOCH-0030-62/65 249 348 172 9
NOCH-0070-62/65 279 433 202 15.5

Note : An output choke does not improve the EMC performance of the drive.  To fulfil local EMC requirements use sufficient RFI filtering.

Brake Units and Choppers

Frame sizes R1 and R2 are delivered with integrated rake choppers as standard. Other units can use the compact-sized brake units which include brake chopper and resistor.  For more information please refer to the ACS-BRK brake units installation and start up guide.
Frequency converter input voltage resistor ohm Continuous output W Max output 20 s W Brake unit type code
200 – 240 V AC380-480 V AC 32 2000 450012000 ACS-BRK-C
200 – 240 V AC380 – 480 V AC 10.5 7000 1400042000 ACS-BRK-D
Brake Unit


Width (W) mm Height (H) mm Depth (D) mm Weight kg Brake Unit Type Code
150 500 347 7.5 ACS-BRK-C
270 600 450 20.5 ACS-BRK-D

Click for the ABB ACS550 PDF

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