Belden 5220FL Non-Paired Cable

Belden 5220FL Data CableThe Belden 5220FL non-paired cable with two conductors has 16 AWG bare copper conductors, PVC insulation and sequential marking every two feet.  The cable is used in fire protection and alarm, audio circuits and control circuits.

Cable Construction

Number of Conductors: 2
Total Number of Conductors: 2
Conductor AWG: 16
Conductor Stranding: Solid
Conductor Material: Bare Copper (BC)
Insulation Material: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
Nominal Insulation Wall Thickness: 0.010″
Overall Cabling Lay Length: 3″
Overall Cabling Twists / ft: 4
Cabling Colour Code: 1 : Black
2 : Red
Outer Shield Material: 100% Beldfoil ® Aluminium Foil Polyester Tape
Outer Shield Drain Wire AWG: 20
Outer Shield Drain Wire Stranding: 7
Outer Shield Drain Wire Material: Tinned Copper (TC)
Outer Jacket Material: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
Outer Jacket Ripcord: Yes
Overall Nominal Diameter: 0.178″
Operating Temperature Range: -20°C To +75°C
UL Temperature Rating: 75°C
Bulk Cable Weight: 31.1 lbs/1000 ft.
Max. Recommended Pulling Tension: 75 lbs.
Min. Bend Radius (Install): 2″
NEC/(UL) Specification: FPLR
NEC Articles: 760
CEC/C(UL) Specification: CMG
EU CE Mark: Yes
EU RoHS Compliant: Yes
EU RoHS Compliance Date: 01-04-2005
Other Specifications: California State Fire Marshall
Flame Test: UL1666 Vertical Shaft
C(UL) Flame Test: FT4
Plenum: No
Penum Number: 6220FL

Electrical Properties

Nominal Inductance: .15 µH/ft
Nominal Capacitance Conductor to Conductor @ 1 KHz: 77 pF/ft
Nominal Capacitance Cond. to Other Cond. & Shield @ 1 KHz: 139 pF/ft
Nominal Conductor DC Resistance @ 20°C 3.9  Ohms/1000 ft
Nominal Outer Shield DC Resistance @ 20°C 7.6  Ohms/1000 ft
Maximum Operating Voltage – UL 300 V RMS
Max. Recommended Current 6.3 Amps per conductor @ 25°C

Cable Ordering

Cable Code Description Cable Length (ft) Shipping Weight (lbs) Colour
5220FL 0021000 2 #16 PVC FSFRPVC 1000 29 Red
5220FL 002500 2 #16 PVC FSFRPVC 500 16.5 Red
5220FL 0091000 2 #16 PVC FSFRPVC 1000 29 White
5220FL D151000 2 #16 PVC FSFRPVC 1000 29 Blue


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