Belden 6500FE Non-Paired Audio Cable

Belden 6500FE CableThe Belden 6500FE Non-Paired cable is a 22 AWG 2 conductor cable ideal for commercial audio systems such as Intercom, PA, Sound and Audio and the Flamarrest ® insulation makes it ideal for fire resistance.

Cable Construction

Number of Conductors: 2
Total Number of Conductors: 2
Conductor AWG: 22
Conductor Stranding: 7 x 30
Conductor Material: Bare Copper (BC)
Cable Insulation: Flamarrest ® Low Smoke Polyvinylchloride (LS PVC)
Nominal Insualation Wall Thickness: 0.009″
Overall Cabling Lay Length: 2.5″
Overall Cabling Twists per ft: 4.8
Colour Coding: Number 1 : Black
Number 2 : Red
Outer Shield: 100% Beldfoil ® Aluminium Foil – Polyester Tape with shortening fold
Outer Shield Drain Wire AWG: 24
Outer Shield Drain Wire Stranding: 7 x 32
Outer Shield Drain Wire Conductor Material: Tinned Copper (TC)
Outer Jacket Material: Flamarrest ® Low Smoke Polyvinyl Chloride (LS PVC)
Outer Jacket Nominal Wall Thickness: 0.015″
Outer Jacket Ripcord: Yes
Overall Nominal Diameter: 0.128″

Mechanical Properties

Operating Temperature Range: 0°C To +75°C
UL Temperatura Rating: 75°C
Bulk Cable Weight: 11.3 lbs/1000 ft.
Maximum Recommended Pulling Tension: 24 lbs
Minimum Bending Radius (Install): 1.3″
NEC/(UL) Specification: CMP
NEC Articles: 800
CEC/C(UL) Specification: CMP
EU CE Mark: Yes
EU RoHS Compliant: Yes
EU RoHS Compliance Date (dd/mm/yyyy): 01-04-2005
UL Flame Test NFPA 262
C(UL) Flame Test FT6
Plenum: Yes
Non-Plenum Number 5500FE

Electrical Properties

Nominal Inductance: .17 μH/ft
Nominal Capacitance Conductor to Conductor @ 1 KHz 55 pF/ft
Nominal Capacitance Conductor to Other Cond. & Shield @ 1 KHz 99 pF/ft
Nom. Conductor DC Resistance @ 20°C: 16.4 Ohms/1000 ft
Nominal Outer Shield DC Resistance @ 20°C: 15.3 Ohms/1000 ft
Maximum Operating Voltage UL: 300 V RMS
Maximum Recommended Current: 2.8 Amps per conductor @ 25°C

Ordering Information

Order Code Description Cable Length (ft) Shipping Weight (lbs) Sheath Colour
6500FE 008U1000 2 #22 FLRST FS FLRST U1000 11 Grey
6500FE 009U1000 2 #22 FLRST FS FLRST U1000 13 White
6500FE 010U1000 2 #22 FLRST FS FLRST U1000 13 Black
6500FE 8771000 2 #22 FLRST FS FLRST 1000 13 Natural
6500FE 877500 2 #22 FLRST FS FLRST 500 7 Natural
6500FE 877C1000 2 #22 FLRST FS FLRST C1000 11 Natural
6500FE 877C500 2 #22 FLRST FS FLRST C500 5.5 Natural
6500FE 877U1000 2 #22 FLRST FS FLRST U1000 13 Natural
6500FE 877U500 2 #22 FLRST FS FLRST U500 7 Natural


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