Table 4F3B

Voltage Drop (per ampere per meter):

Conductor Operating Temperature: 60°C*

Conductor cross-sectional area d.c. or single-phase a.c. Three-phase a.c.
1 2 3
(mm2) (mV/A/m) (mV/A/m)
0.5 93 80
0.75 62 54
1 46 40
1.25 37
1.5 32 27
2.5 19 16
4 12 10


* The tabulated values above are for 60°C thermoplastic or thermosetting insulated flexible cables and for other types of flexible cable they are to be multiplied by the following factors:

For 90°C thermoplastic or thermosetting insulated 1.09

150°C 1.31

185°C glass fibre 1.43

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