ABB SNK Series Terminal Blocks

A complete set of terminal blocks to fit your essential functions:

ABB Terminal Blocks - Feed ThroughFeed Through Terminal Blocks – 20% Size Reduction

A unique profile for smart use

Easy and ergonomic mounting thanks to the unique profile of the terminal

  • Easy to handle,
  • Reverse mounting error-free.

Clear marking areas

Marking surfaces can be read clearly from any angle in an enclosure and are
larger than standard markers in the market.

Maximized flexibility

The two terminal blocks central channels-aligned from 4 mm² 10 AWG up to 16 mm² 4 AWG terminal blocks-offer flexibility of use:

  • Common and polarity distribution with JB screwless jumper bars,
  • Power distribution with JB85-3 cross-spacing jumpers
  • Continuity control with TP4 or TP2 test adapters,Advanced testing (simulation, dielectric control, etc.) prior customer acceptance with TC test connectors
  • Overvoltage protection and temperature control with PG5-R2 components holder.

Reduce use of accessories

  • One unique end section and circuit separator fits all feedthrough terminal blocks.

ABB Double Deck Terminal BlocksDouble Deck Terminal Blocks

High wiring Density for space savings

Offers efficient space reduction for switchgears with space constraints or sensors with multiple connection constraints.

All Double Deck terminal blocks have two marking areas as well as two central channels per deck for:

  • Common and polarity distribution with JB screwless jumper bars.
  • Continuity control or Advanced testing (simulation, dielectric control, etc.) with TP4, TP2 test adapters and TC test connectors, on the upper deck only.

ABB Terminal Blocks - SNK GroundGround Terminal Blocks

Reliable Rail Connection

Snap-in rail connection for rapid installation and removal for 4 mm² 10 AWG up to 16 mm² 4 AWG ground terminal blocks.

Simply snap it on the DIN3-TH35 rail and it is connected to the rail. Strict qualification tests, in addition to those required in IEC standard 60947-2, have been performed to guarantee the reliability of the snap-in rail connection in mechanical endurance and lifetime performance.

Our smart design enables block removal without any risk of damaging the rail connection part.

Robust screw rail connection for higher rated sections 35 mm² 0 AWG up to 95 mm² 000 AWG ground terminal blocks.

ABB Terminal Block - Compact DisconnectDisconnect Terminal Blocks

Compact Disconnect Terminal Block

The ZS4-S compact version has an identical profile to the ZS4 feedthrough terminal block for many benefits such as identical end section use.

ABB SNK Terminal Block : Disconnect ExpertExpert Disconnect Terminal Block

The ZS4-S-R1 expert version has two central jumper channels aligned with the ZS6 feed-through terminal block for convenient alternated distribution.

ABB SNK Disconnect Aligned with FuseAligned with Fuse Disconnect Terminal Block

Perfectly adapted for use with fuse terminal blocks. The Disconnect range are available with blade or plug for easy circuit opening without disconnecting the wiring. Also available with built-in test socket screws convenient direct connection to the test equipment for the following operations:

  • Voltage control, voltage continuity control or dielectric tests.
  • Total or partial equipment testing.
  • Maintenance.

ABB ZS4-SF Fuse Terminal BlockFor Fuse Terminal Blocks

Optimised Circuit Protection

The ZS4-SF fits 5×20 mm fuses for circuit protection

It has two central jumper channels for convenient common distribution and it is aligned with
ZS4-S-R1 and ZS4-S-R2 disconnect terminal blocks, as well as the ZS6 feed-through terminal block for convenient alternated distribution and reduced wiring.

ABB Z4-SF1 Terminal BlockThe ZS4-SF1 fits 5×20 mm and 5×25 mm fuses for circuit protection

The ZS4-SF and ZS4-SF1 are based on the latest version of the IEC60947-7-3 standard.

The wiring of the terminal block is facilitated and can be done when the fuse holder is in closed position.

  • Easy blown fuse control with the ZS4-SF-R1 and ZS4-SF-R3 available with blown fuse indicator 24-60 V or 115-250 V for quick identification of fuse failures, with low leakage current (< 0.5 mA). This feature enables use on high impedance PLC inputs.
  • Also available with built-in test socket screws for convenient direct connection to the test equipment for test operations such as voltage control, voltage continuity control or maintenance.

Download the full 108 page ABB SNK Terminal Block Catalogue.

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