ABB TMAX XT Moulded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB)

The new SACE Tmax XT go everywhere and fear no tests as they are made to respond successfully to all plant engineering requirements, from the standard ones to the most technologically advanced ones, thanks to the extraordinary fullness of their range. A complete offer up to 250A for distribution, for energy metering, for motor protection, for generator protection, for oversized neutral, as switch disconnectors and for any other needs. A new range of both thermomagnetic and electronic protection trip units, interchangeable right from the smallest frames. To say nothing of the new and large number of dedicated accessories available, even for special applications.

All that remains is for you to choose: XT1 and XT3 for building standard installations with ABB SACE’s unquestioned reliability and safety, whereas XT2 and XT4 for building technologically advanced installations with top of market performance.

ABB MCCB Tmax XT Range

Construction Characteristics

All the moulded-case circuit-breakers in the SACE Tmax XT family are realized in accordance with the following construction characteristics:

  • double insulation
  • positive operation
  • isolation behaviour
  • electromagnetic compatibility
  • tropicalization
  • impact and vibration resistance
  • power supply from the top towards the bottom or vice versa;
  • versatility of the installation. It is possible to mount the circuit-breaker in horizontal, vertical, or lying down position without any derating of the rated characteristics
  • no nominal performance derating for use up to an altitude of 2000m. Above 2000m, the proper-ties of the atmosphere (composition of the air, dielectric strength, cooling power and pressure) change, having an impact on the main parameters which define the circuit-breaker. The table below gives the changes to the main performance parameters:
2000m 3000m 4000m 5000m
Rated employ voltage, Ue (v) 690 600 540 470
Rated uninterrupted current % 100 98 93 90
  • The SACE Tmax XT circuit-breakers can be used in environments where the temperature is between -25°C and +70°C and stored in environments where the temperature is between -40°C and +70°C. To use temperatures other than 40°C
  • different degrees of protection IP (International Protection)

With Front Without Front(1) With Front for lever -FLD- With rotary handles With transmitted rotary handle and accessory IP54 With high terminal covers HTC With low terminal covers LTC
A IP40 IP20 IP40 IP40 IP54 IP40 IP40
B IP20 IP20 IP20 IP20 IP20 IP40 IP40

(1) During the installation of electrical accessories

NC Not classifiable


The SACE Tmax XT circuit-breakers and their accessories are constructed in conformity with:

Standard(G6.1):– IEC 60947-2;


  • EC “Low Voltage Directive” (LVD) N° 2006/95/EC (in replacement of 73/23/EEC and subse-quent amendments);
  • EC “Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive” (EMC) 2004/108/CE

Naval Registers(G6.3) (ask ABB SACE for the versions available):

  • Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, Germanischer Lloyd, Bureau Veritas, Rina, Det Norske Veritas, Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, ABS.Certification of conformity with the product Standards is carried out in the ABB SACE tests laboratory (accredited by SINAL) in respect of the EN 45011 European Standard, by the Italian certification body ACAE (Association for Certification of Electrical Apparatus), member of the European LOVAG organisation (Low Voltage Agreement Group) and by the Swedish certification body SEMKO belonging to the international IECEE organisation.

The SACE Tmax XT series has a hologram on the front, obtained using special anti-forgery techniques, a guarantee of the quality and genuineness of the circuit-breaker as an ABB SACE product.

Identification of the SACE Tmax XT circuit-breakers

The characteristics of the circuit-breaker are given on the rating nameplate on the front of the circuit-breaker, and on the side rating plate.


  1. Name of the circuit-breaker and performance level(*)
  2. In: rated current of the circuit-breaker(*)
  3. Uimp: rated impulse withstand voltage(*)
  4. Ui: insulation voltage(*)
  5. Ics rated short-circuit duty breaking capacity(*)
  6. Icu: rated ultimate short-circuit breaking capacity(*)
  7. Ue: rated service voltage(*)
  8. Symbol of isolation behaviour(*)
  9. Reference Standard IEC 60947-2(*)
  10. Serial number
  11. Anti-forgery logo
  12. Test pushbutton
  13. CE marking
  14. Utilisation Category
  15. Reference Standard NEMA-AB1(*) In compliance with the IEC 60947-2 Standard

MCCB Characteristics

SACE Tmax XT moulded-case circuit-breakers are the ideal solution for all distribution levels, from the main low voltage switchboard to the subswitchboards in the installation. They feature high specific let-through current peak and energy limiting characteristics that allow the circuits and equipment on the load side to be sized in an optimum way. SACE Tmax XT circuit-breakers with thermomagnetic and electronic trip units protect against overloads, short-circuits, earth faults and indirect contacts in low voltage distribution networks.

The SACE Tmax XT family of moulded-case circuit-breakers can be equipped with:

  • thermomagnetic trip units(G3.2), for direct and alternating current network protection, using the physical properties of a bimetal and an electromagnet to detect the overloads and short-circuits;
  • electronic trip units(G3.4), for alternating current network protection. Releases with microproc-essor technology obtain protection functions that make the operations extremely reliable and accurate. The power required for operating them correctly is supplied straight from the current sensors of the releases. This ensures that they trip even in single-phase conditions and on a level with the minimum setting. The electronic protection trip unit consists of:
    • 3 or 4 current sensors (current transformers)
    • a protection unit
    • an opening solenoid (built into the electronic trip unit)

Characteristics of Electronic Trip Units SACE Tmax XI Power Distribution

Operating Temperature -25°C … +70°C
Relative humidity 98%
Self supplied 0.2xln (single phase) (1) (2)
Auxiliary supply (where applicable) 24V DC ±20%

Ordering Information

Tmax XT1-4

Model lth/ln I3 3 Pole 4 Pole
XT1N XT1N160R32 450A 1SDA067411R1 1SDA067419R1
XT1N XT1N160R40 450A 1SDA067412R1 1SDA067647R1
XT1N XT1N160R50 500A 1SDA067413R1 1SDA067421R1
XT1N XT1N160R63 630A 1SDA067414R1 1SDA067422R1
XT1N XT1N160R80 800A 1SDA067415R1 1SDA067423R1
XT1N XT1N160R100 1000A 1SDA067416R1 1SDA067424R1
XT1N XT1N160R125 1250A 1SDA067417R1 1SDA067427R1
XT1N XT1N160R160 1600A 1SDA067418R1 1SDA067428R1
XT2N XT2N1601R16 160A 1SDA067012R1
XT2N XT2N160R32 320A 1SDA067013R1 1SDA067034R1
XT2N XT2N160R40 400A 1SDA067014R1 1SDA067035R1
XT2N XT2N160R50 500A 1SDA067015R1 1SDA067036R1
XT2N XT2N160R63 630A 1SDA067016R1 1SDA067037R1
XT2N XT2N160R80 800A 1SDA067017R1 1SDA067038R1
XT2N XT2N160R100 1000A 1SDA067018R1 1SDA067039R1
XT2N XT2N160R125 1250A 1SDA067019R1 1SDA067042R1
XT2N XT2N160R160 1600A 1SDA067020R1 1SDA067043R1
XT3N XT3N250R63 630A 1SDA068053R1 1SDA068060R1
XT3N XT3N250R80 800A 1SDA068054R1 1SDA068061R1
XT3N XT3N250R100 1000A 1SDA068055R1 1SDA068062R1
XT3N XT3N250R125 1250A 1SDA068056R1 1SDA068067R1
XT3N XT3N250R160 1600A 1SDA068057R1 1SDA068068R1
XT3N XT3N250R200 2000A 1SDA068058R1 1SDA068069R1
XT3N XT3N250R250 2500A 1SDA068059R1 1SDA068070R1
XT4N TMD 160R20 300A 1SDA068080R1 1SDA069094R1
XT4N TMD 160R32 320A 1SDA068082R1 1SDA068096R1
XT4N TMA 160R50 500A 1SDA068084R1 1SDA068098R1
XT4N TMA 160R80 800A 1SDA068086R1 1SDA068100R1
XT4N TMA 160R100 1000A 1SDA068087R1 1SDA068101R1
XT4N TMA 160R125 1250A 1SDA068088R1 1SDA068107R1
XT4N TMA 160R160 1600A 1SDA068089R1 1SDA068108R1
XT4N TMA N250R200 2000A 1SDA068090R1 1SDA068109R1
XT4N TMA N250R250 2500A 1SDA068092R1 1SDA068111R1

TMA Thermomagnetic

TMD Magnetic Only

Ratings at 400V

XT1N : 36kA
XT2N : 36kA
XT3N : 36kA
XT4N : 36kA

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