Danfoss FC 301 vs FC 302

Special needs require special features and performance:

FC 301 A1* FC301 FC302
Power range 200 -240 V [kW] 0.25-1.5 0.25-45 0.37 – 45
Power range 380- (480) 500 [kW] 0.37 – 1.5 0.37 – 45 0.37 – 1.1 M
Power range 550 -600 V [kWI 0.75 – 7.5
Power range 525 -690 V [kWI 11-1.2 M
Amb. temp’C Avg.24 hours (IP 21) w/o de-rating 45 45 45
Ambient temp’C max (IP21) w/o de-rating 50 50 50
Ambient temp’C max with de-rating 55 55 55
IP 21/NEMA typel/1P 5SINEMA type12 Tick Tick Tick
IP66/NEMAtype4x Tick
Smart Logic Control Tick Tick Tick
Logic Rule Control Tick Tick Tick
Safe Stop input function approved Tick Tick
Local Control Panel numerical or graphical Tick Tick Tick
Info/Help function Personal menu (macro) Tick Tick Tick
Regional settings (US mode) Tick Tick Tick
Language settings Tick Tick Tick
Change made restore previous setting Tick Tick Tick
Password protection Tick Tick Tick
Analogue input 0 to +10V 0 to +10V -10 to +10V
Digital inputs 5 5 6
Digital transistor outputs ‘1 1 1 Tick
Relay outputs 1 1 2
Analogue output resolution 12 bit 12 bit 12 bit
PC connection: RS 485 and USB Tick Tick Tick
Default motor data Tick Tick Tick
Permanent Magnet Motor algorithm Tick
Process PID control Tick Tick Tick
Precise Start/Stop Tick Tick Tick
Preset references 8 8 8
Digipotmeter Tick Tick Tick
Ramp functions: linear and S-ramps Tick Tick Tick
Profibus, DeviceNet, CANOpen Tick Tick Tick
ProfiSafe Tick
Interface options:
Extended input/outputs MCB 101 Tick Tick Tick
Encoders option MCB 102 Tick Tick Tick
Resolver option MCB 103 Tick Tick Tick
Relay option MCB 1OS Tick Tick Tick
Safe PLC interface MCB 108 Tick Tick
Motion Control Options: MCO 305 Tick Tick
External 24 Vback-up option MCB 107 Tick Tick
Cable length -screened/unscreened 25/50m 50/75m 150/300 m
RFI EN55011 cI A2 (Industry) <5 m <5m <5m
RFI EN55011 cI Al (Industry) <25 M <50m <150 m
RFI EN55011 cI B(Domestic) 2.5 m <10 m <50 m
Voltage Vector Control WC+ Tick Tick Tick
FluxVector Control Tick
Automatic Energy Optimizing (AOE) Tick
Controlled ramp down Tick
Flying start -catch spinning motor Tick
Variable switching frequency 1 -16 kHz 2) Tick Tick Tick
Over Voltage Control Tick Tick Tick
Fan replaceable Tick Tick Tick

*Smallest cabinet size

1. Converting digital inputs

2. Power size dependent

Click here for a Danfoss FC301 / FC302 Overview Brochure.

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