Danfoss VLT 6000 Inverter Drives

Danfoss FC 6000 DriveNow Superceded by the FC102

The Danfoss VLT 6000 HVAC provides unsurpassed performance, energy savings and improved control of HVAC systems.

The Danfoss VLT 6000 HVAC, dedicated to HVAC applications, provides unsurpassed performance, energy savings and improved control of HVAC systems – including interfacing with building management systems.

Precise control of temperature, pressure, and flow in HVAC applications result in the best environmental performance for building owners and operators.

  • Technical Features
  • Integrated RFI filters and DC link chokes.
  • RFI filter meets domestic level standard
  • Optional cards include fieldbus, Cascade pump control, additional relays etc.

Features and benefits

Product range

  • 1.1 – 45 kW (200 – 240 V)
  • 1.1 – 400 kW (380 – 460 V)
  • 1.1 – 200 kW (525 – 600 V)

Easy to commission and use

If you know one drive you also know the others. A Quick Menu guides you easily through the limited programming work left for you to make the drive perfect for the job in your plant.

The VLT 6000 HVAC provides full control of the motor directly from the user interface. “HAND START” enables start and control of motor speed, “OFF” turns off the motor and “AUTO START” shifts control to digital inputs and/or serial communication.

Performance and energy saving

When it comes to using frequency converters in HVAC systems, it is mostly a question of obtaining ultimate energy savings. The VLT 6000 HVAC is designed with HVAC systems in mind. Consequently it contains a series of very useful dedicated functionalities for these applications, whereof a few are described below.

  • The unique Danfoss Drives AEO function (Automatic Energy Optimizer), makes it possible to save up to additional 5-10% on the energy bill. This function optimises the magnetising current to the motor according the specific load. Consequently valuable energy is saved and not wasted on heating up the air around the motor.
  • The VLT 6000 also offers a sleep mode function for increased energy savings in HVAC systems. If a pump or fan is running at low speed and not really contributing to controlled parameter, e.g. temperature, pressure etc. it is turned off automatically. When the system calls for energy, the drive starts up the motor again.
  • In HVAC systems, resonance can occur between the pump/fan and the cabinet it resides in, e.g. an air handling unit. The problem typically occurs at a few specific frequencies. It creates a lot of noise and can eventually cause damage to the components. This problem is avoided using the frequency bypass function in the VLT 6000 HVAC, where the drive can be programmed to bypass up to 4 frequencies.
  • For pump OEM’s Danfoss Drives offers a new unique feature called Sensorless Pump Control. This feature enables the drive to control pressure in a water system without using a pressure transmitter. This saves costs for the pump manufacturer in commissioning and direct costs in transmitter, installation etc.

RFI filter and harmonic suppression

The VLT 6000 has built-in RFI-filters for the entire product range complying with EN55011, class A and 1B. Consequently there is no need for costly and space consuming external filters.

A frequency converter generates harmonic distortion of the AC power line. A VLT 6000 HVAC has built-in DC link reactors, which reduces the harmonic distortion to around 40%. For instance, this reduces cable dimensions substantially. The VLT 6000 HVAC complies with IEC 61000-3-2 and 61000-3-4 as well as VDE 0160 as to harmonic distortion.

For further reduction in the harmonic distortion, Danfoss offers external passive 5% and 10% current distortion filters (AHF 005/010).

VLT 6000 Series – 380 / 460V – 3 Phase 50/60Hz

VLT Type Typical Shaft Output (Kw) Cont. Output Current (Amps @ 380 / 415v Bookstyle IP20 Compact IP20 Compact IP54
VLT6002 1.1 3 175Z7004 175Z7022 175Z7047
VLT6003 1.5 4.1 175Z7005 175Z7023 175Z7048
VLT6004 2.2 5.6 175Z7006 175Z7024 175Z7049
VLT6005 3 7.2 175Z7007 175Z7025 175Z7050
VLT6006 4 10 175Z7008 175Z7026 175Z7051
VLT6008 5.5 13 175Z7009 175Z7027 175Z7052
VLT6011 7.5 16 175Z7010 175Z7028 175Z7053
VLT6016 11 24 175Z7029 175Z7054
VLT6022 15 32 175Z7030 175Z7055
VLT6027 18.5 37.5 175Z7031 175Z7056
VLT6032 22 44 175Z7032 175Z7057
VLT6042 30 61 175Z7033 175Z7058
VLT6052 37 73 175Z7034 175Z7059
VLT6062 45 90 175Z7035 175Z7060
VLT6072 55 106 175Z4881 175Z4883
VLT6102 75 147 Compact IP.00 178B4808 178B5162
VLT6122 90 177 178B4810 178B5163
VLT6152 110 212 178B7522 178B7524 178B7523
VLT6172 132 260 178B7525 178B7527 178B7526
VLT6222 160 315 178B7528 178B7530 178B7529
VLT6272 200 368 178B7531 178B7533 178B7532
VLT6352 250 480 178B7538 178B7542 178B7540
VLT6400 315 600 176F0918 176F0920 176F0922
VLT6500 355 658 176F0924 176F0926 176F0928
VLT6550 400 745 176F0930 176F0932 176F0934

For voltages in the range 440 / 460V the continuous output currents will be lower

RFI filters are fitted as standard, which ensures compliance to 1st Environment of EMC Power Drive Systems – Standard EN61800-3

VLT6152-6352 can be supplied as an extended version

VLT6152-6550 can be supplied with disconnect switch and fuses

Danfoss VLT 6000 General Options

Part Number Description Used on VLT:
175Z7804 LCP keypad / display (IP.65 Front face) All
175Z0850 Remote mounting kit for LCP – including 3 m cable All – IP.00 & 20)
175Z7802 Remote mounting kit for LCP IP54
175Z0929 cable for LCP – 3 m (also included in remote kit) All (IP00 & 20)
Application options
175Z7803 Relay option card All
Relay option card – coated All
175Z3100 Cascade controller All
Cascade controller – coated All
Fieldbus Options
175Z7800 Profibus option card – including memory option All
175Z2905 Profibus option card – including memory option and coated All
176F1515 Lonworks card, free topology including memory option All
176F1521 Lonworks card, free topology including memory and coated option All
176F1516 Lonworks card, 78 Kbps – including memory option All
176F1522 Lonworks card, 78Kbps inc memory and coated option All
176F1517 Lonworks card, 1.25Mbps including memory option All
176F523 Lonworks card, 1.25Mbps including memory option and coated option All
175Z3362 Modbus RTU All
Covers / Plates / Terminal Kits
175H4195 NEMA 12 bonding plate (380 / 460V version) 6002 – 6006
175Z4622 IP20 Terminal cover kit (380 / 460v version) 6016 – 6042
175Z4623 IP20 Terminal cover kit (380 / 460v version) 6052 – 6062
176F1800 IP20 Bottom cover (380 / 460v version) 6060 – 6100
176F1801 IP20 Bottom cover (380 / 460v version) 6125 – 6275
176Z0928 IP 4X top Cover 6002 – 6011
175Z7806 Blind cover for IP00 and IP20 All
176F1805 Terminal adaptor kit 6075 – 6125 IP20
176F1808 Terminal adaptor kit 6075-6125 IP54
176F1811 Terminal adaptor kit 6150 – 6275
176F1815 Terminal adaptor kit 6350 – 6550 EX

Note : where indicated, the options are suitable for the range of VLTs shown for 3 x 380 / 460 v supply voltage – (For options for supply voltages 3 x 200 / 220V – contact us).

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