Events Multi Pin Connectors

These Event Multi Pin connectors have been developed to offer the highest levels of reliability and safety. The super robust construction ensures continual and reliable operation. The rugged design has been tailored specifically for professional touring applications, and this has ensured that the 19 series is more than up to the challenge of life on the road.

Entertainment Connectors

Even after being driven over, subjected to rough handling, these connectors provide continuous performance. The connectors are sealed to IP 67 when mated, have a Black, hard anodised, non-conductive finish for scratch and wear resistance, and feature a heavy-duty, ribbed coupling nut to provide easy mating and un-mating. For ease-of -use, the connectors have six-circuit identification on the front and rear inserts. A recessed area in the back of the female insert is provided to accept a grounding ring. Seven forward contacts for 'first make, last break' grounding ensure safe mating and un-mating. An insulation sleeve within the connector backshell is standard. The male/female connectors come in both in- line and panel mount plug/receptacle versions with either solder or crimp contacts available. The in- line versions are complete with a machined aluminium backshell and a compression grip cable seal or break out strain relief system. Contacts are gold plated over copper alloy and accommodate wire sizes from 12 to 14 AWG.

Entertainment Connectors

Male Connector

Product Features

  • Socapex SL 419 Compatible
  • High Impact all machined shells
  • Wear resistant anodised finish
  • Easy grip, heavy duty coupling ring (various colours)
  • Thick wall section backshells (with locking screws)
  • Integral insulation sleeves
Female Connector

M40 metric cable glands (with bushing for lighting cables)

  • Inserts marked with lighting circuit wiring
  • IP67 when mated
  • FMLB Earth Contacts
  • Multipoint gold plated contacts (solder or crimp)
  • ROHS Compliant

Technical Parameters

  • Voltage rating: 700VDC, 500VAC
  • Current rating: 41A max, 25A rated
  • Temperature rating: -55°C to +125°C
  • Contact plating: gold
Spider Clamp

Spider Clamp

The 19 pin Spider Clamp offers cable strain relief combined with watertight sealing when using 6 individual cables in breakout applications. The design incorporates our "Spider Trap" mechanical grip mechanism which individually grips each cable jacket. The trap can be quickly and easily orientated to facilitate different cable diameters. A separate silicone sealing grommet ensures a watertight assembly.

Grub Screws

Grub Screws

Backshells are supplied with left-hand threads which when torqued correctly during assembly will remain secure. However for added security the shells also include two grub screws which can be tightened to lock the shell thread and further prevent loosening of the shells. If screws are removed or lost the assembly remains water tight and secure.

Thick Walled Coupling Nuts

Thick Walled Coupling Nuts

For maximum impact and wear resistance, Coupling rings have thick wall sections and are machined from high grade alloys, with hard anodised finish. The ergonomic hand grip allows for easy coupling and uncoupling in all conditions. Various colours are available on request.

Insert Marking

Insert Marking

Inserts are marked with the Industry standard 6 circuit wiring, identifying Earth, Neutral and Live pin positions.



Contacts are screw machined copper alloy, with gold plated finish. The multipoint contact design ensures low contact resistance and optimal current carrying capacity.

Coupling Rings

Coupling Rings

Colour anodised coupling rings can be used to quickly identify cable types, or to enhance/customise your connectors. Company logos and names can also be added to the connector bodies.

Ordering Information

CSE19-LF-S-M40SS Solder Female Inline / 1.5 cable 10 -16mm
CSE19-LF-S-M40A Solder Female Inline / 2.5 cable 16 -28mm
CSE19-LF-S-M40B Solder Female Inline / Breakouts 22 -32mm
CSE19-LF-S-SPR-10 Solder Female Spider Clamp for 1.5 cable 6 x max OD 10mm
CSE19-LF-S-SPR-12 Solder Female Spider Clamp for 2.5 cable 6 x max OD 12mm
CSE19-LM-S-M40SS Solder Male Inline / 1.5 cable 10 -16mm
CSE19-LM-S-M40A Solder Male Inline / 2.5 cable 16 -28mm
CSE19-LM-S-M40B Solder Male Inline / Breakouts 22 -32mm
CSE19-LM-S-SPR-10 Solder Male Spider Clamp for 1.5 cable 6 x max OD 10mm
CSE19-LM-S-SPR-12 Solder Male Spider Clamp for 2.5 cable 6 x max OD 12mm
CSE19-PF-S Solder Female Chassis Female N/A
CSE19-PM-S Solder Male Chassis Male N/A
CSE19-LF-C-M40SS Crimp Female Inline / 1.5 cable 10 -16mm
CSE19-LF-C-M40A Crimp Female Inline / 2.5 cable 16 -28mm
CSE19-LF-C-M40B Crimp Female Inline / Breakouts 22 -32mm
CSE19-LF-C-SPR-10 Crimp Female Spider Clamp for 1.5 cable 6 x max OD 10mm
CSE19-LF-C-SPR-12 Crimp Female Spider Clamp for 2.5 cable 6 x max OD 12mm
CSE19-LM-C-M40SS Crimp Male Inline / 1.5 cable 10 -16mm
CSE19-LM-C-M40A Crimp Male Inline / 2.5 cable 16 -28mm
CSE19-LM-C-M40B Crimp Male Inline / Breakouts 22 -32mm
CSE19-LM-C-SPR-10 Crimp Male Spider Clamp for 1.5 cable 6 x max OD 10mm
CSE19-LM-C-SPR-12 Crimp Male Spider Clamp for 2.5 cable 6 x max OD 12mm
CSE19-PF-C Crimp Female Chassis Female N/A
CSE19-PM-C Crimp Male Chassis Male N/A

Mounting Hole Diagram

Mounting Hole Diagram Portable Cable Diagnostic Tool

Portable 19 Pin Cable Diagnostic Tool

  • Use Indoors or Outdoors
  • Portable or Bench use
  • Protected against accidental connection to Mains
  • Battery Life - 48 hrs continuous use
  • Performs essential tests:
  • Continuity check of extension cable
  • Load check, identifies lamps preset and reads real time resistance
  • No buttons or user programming
  • Displays results instantly
High Impact Splitter Unit

High Impact Splitter Unit

A tough rubber moulding fitted with an incoming male 19 pin plug & 2 female 19 pin socapex sockets. The splitter units can be wired either in series or parallel connection.

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